My Top Favorite Pink Rangers

I have written a post on my top favorite Sentai reds... now I'll write on my top favorite Sentai pinks.  Since October is also women's month and to show my support for the pink ribbon, here are my favorite pinks.  They are in no particular order and some of my old favorites are gone from this list... as said my opinion is always subject to change:

Momoko/Pink Mask- Although my first Super Sentai crush was Hikaru but I didn't think Hikaru was all that amazing.  Momoko... well one thing is certain she is definitely a darker shade of pink!  Why is that?  While she appears feminine and elegant but don't let her looks and beauty fool you... she can KICK major ass!  Episode 20 of Maskman was actually a sad moment for her but she also showed incredibly kickass moments in that episode!

Mei/Ptera Ranger- Another worth mentioning is Mei.  Now while I'm not that into Zyuranger and I do find Kimberly hotter than her BUT Mei is far more developed than the former.  She is more determined and tougher, not to mention she can really fire freaking arrows so accurately.  I guess she may be able to stand a chance against other Sentai archers.  Best moment?  It's when she battles Dora Guzzler and takes the risk that she could die from it... knowing how her ancestor sacrificed herself for that reason.

Lin/Hououranger- Dairanger is a badass series and I while Ryou is my top favorite, I can't deny I love the whole group.  Lin may be the toughest pink to date.  For one, while she looks gorgeous and elegant, but she's a real tough chick that I'd be afraid to offend!  I woudl admit I love how her fury goes on and she proves she's no walk in the park.  My best moment for her was when she actually beats up the crap out of Gara for killing her lover, the Media Magician.

Yuuri/Time Pink- Despite the fact she can be quite bitchy but I can't deny she's probably the best pink ranger that was written by Yasuko Kobayashi.  I would admit that her tough girl nature makes her the actual leader of the Timerangers even if Tatsuya is the field commander.  Every episode where she is determined to get even with Dolnero, makes me think she's one woman I'd be afraid to meet.

Sakura Nishihori/Bouken Pink- While she's definitely not top-tier compared to those above but I think she deserves special mention.  Me and Mr. Smith are both fans of her.  In episode 12 of Boukenger, she shows one really badass moment though why do I think she together with the other Boukengers are under the influence of alcohol?!

Mako Shiraishi- Although she's definitely not all that great, now the first four I mentioned are REALLY tough but she still is part of this list.  Now I thought either she takes me sometimes to memory lane is something.  What made her interesting is that she's the only one who's aware of Takeru's ongoing issues while the others are not.  On a negative side though she has her tendencies to easily get annoyed, get overly blunt or... the bad cooking gag which she might improve in due time.  Her best moment was in episode 34 when she gets too angry to be contained... and clashes with Akumaro.  She's my second favorite Kobayashi pink though, I would admit she's probably the weakest in the list!


  1. your list of favorite pink rangers is basically the ones I'd pick

  2. Ohoho, of the most disappointing tokus ever but the saving grace were the villains,Burai and Mei and funny thing,Mei has been placed in soooo much peril like 14 times but the funny thing is that she was doing most of the hardwork like saving this one kid or saving eggs and I was wondering if she would ever turn evil after all the abuse she's been like in that jar of DoraSamuraifan-man or something.

  3. Also btw,Kimberly had huge development in MMPR. From Season 1,she was a highschool sweetie who was a rookie hero,in Season 2,she was much more caring for others thanks to obvs Tommy and slowly became a second ranked leader whereas Rocky was not despite being a Red Ranger (but that doesn't mean the guy is) and in Season 3,she has much more of an identity crisis of whether to be a hero or to follow your dreams/find where you belong which was heartfelt. I just hope to see Kim back in action in the Power Rangers Dinocharge crossover with the other two Dino Rangers team. I'm so hyped for it.


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