Bio Hunter Silver: A Real Silver Bullet Indeed!

Now I'll spotlight Silver of Bioman which he was first arrived in episode 37.  What was known is that he was a robot created by the Anti-Bio Alliance who weaponized the Anti-Bio Particles which negates Bio Particles.  But what was really amazing about this guy is that he was not only a threat to the Biomen but also to New Empire Gear.  Peebo greatly feared him and in episode 37, he showed just how dangerous he was when he was invulnerable to BOTH the weapons of Gear and the Biomen.  I mean even by firing his Bio Buster Gun, he made mince meat out of the Mechaclones faster than the Biomen could!  One could see the truly terrifying power of Silver!

Peebo recalled the incident way back at episode 10, the tragic death of Mika.  I'm glad that the writers brought back the issue of Mika's tragic incident because the Anti-Bio Particles were an interesting concept.  Peebo mentions that Silver's Bio Buster gun is far stronger than the Bio Killer Gun.  While none of the Biomen were killed after they were shot due to their upgrades, you cannot deny that more shots could kill them sooner or later. In episode 38, Silver showed a greater extent of his power when he fired his Bio Buster at Mason and Monster, proving his use of Anti-Bio Particles in weapon form is indeed more lethal than the Bio Killer Gun.

Silver's aim in Bioman was to finally recover Balzion his personal robot.  If the Bio Alliance had the Bio Robo, Balzion was the Anti-Bio Robo.  The Biomen were determined that the two should not reunite while Dr. Man wanted Balzion for himself.  During the finale arc, Silver was able to severely damage Juuoh and Mettlzer to the point that the Super Electron killed the two Beastnoids.  Reunited with his machine, Silver nearly killed the Bio Robo.  Fortunately Peebo overcharged the Bio Robo with more than enough Bio Particles to finally destroy the menace that destroyed the Planet Bio in the first place!

Later Silver made a short role appearance in the non-canon movie Super Hero Taisen written by yours truly Patrick Star.  He was revived and reprogrammed to be the Rider Hunter Silver and was later destroyed by the Kamen Riders.  What a lame way to bring back this super cool villain!


  1. It is no coincidence that his character was designed to look like a silver Hakaider as anime artist NEO grew up watching Kikaider. There are other elements of Silver that unlike Magna Warrior , Silver looks like a possible candidate as a 6th hero for the Bioman team. I liked that they kept him a villain and with a few episode he will be remembered as the same type of villain as Shadowmoon, Farah rangers, Nejirangers, Black Beet. If you did not know Silver is played by prolific stuntman/actor Yoshinori Okamoto
    and his memorable roles are Booba, Oyuboo, Doctor Ashura, and the Yamato King, Geki's adopted father.

    Silver has given me a idea for Abareranger series of creating a villain that is Ranger based but is totally evil and would have giving Abarekiller a early promotion as a hero. The two mechas seen in the movie and the final two parter would be the basis of his powers!


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