Super Sentai Villains and Their Typically Convoluted And/Or Unbelievable Plans For World Domination

While rewatching Kamen Rider Black and reading this post by Shogo B'Stard, I want to tackle on one topic on Super Sentai villains and their convoluted and/or unbelievable plots. Now these plans are usually deadly to civilians but sometimes, it makes you think what in the world are these villains planning?! I even can't imagine the accounting done in these rather stupid and absurd plans! Now seldom you have good plans from the regular villains but most of the time, just don't expect a practical plan from them!

1.) Some plans are just questionably stupid to achieve the goals of the enemy organization but may be effective for another or if solely used against the Sentai team

In Maskman episode four "The Dangerous Mebius Tunnel" now the plan can be effective IF your goal was to raise the Sanzu River. I mean, you might want to consider this... not all cars pass through tunnels. I find this convoluted plan effective IF they were aiming at the Maskmen and get them stuck there for ALL ETERNITY.... or two, Doukoku would love this plan because all the despair would cause the Sanzu River to rise. But remember Tube's objective is to turn the world into a living darkness... and this plan DOES NOT achieve any of that!

Dordora's plan to make everyone lazy in Fiveman episode 6 was not a bad idea but pretty unbelievable in terms of execution. For instance, wouldn't the plan work better if she hit the Fivemen with the laziness spores? If she did use the mushroom's ability on either one of them, she could have caused serious damage to the Fivemen. Like just think if Remi became lazy as a result of the spores, she would need that willpower then what if you hit all of them? Wouldn't that be better?

2.) A villain plan to turn humans into monsters is a good idea but these villains lack common sense in how to carry them out. So far, Warstar's version was the most effective rather than having to wait for people to mutate.

For example, I remembered that episode in Maskman when Fuumin was setting herself up as an idol (very convincing disguise), she signs everyone with a weird pen (I mean that was a very dead giveaway that something was wrong), they set up a show, get some of the blood from the MOTW. I mean, if were to execute this plan, I'd probably just get a regular pen, fill it with blood and you know, hide the monster as much as possible. Or better yet, I could just pollute the water supply of Tokyo to turn everyone into Unglers! Igam's plan in episode 24 was more sensible thoug considering polluting a dam with a mutation substance would help the plan move faster.

In Fiveman, I can't forget the classic case of Dongoros' being a real moron. Why is that? Now, I do think that the plan to turn babies into monsters to take over Earth is a good idea. I mean, they wouldn't shoot if the monsters were their babies. However the problem with Dongoros is why did he have to turn them into eggs first?! Why not JUST MUTATE THEM into monsters immediately?! If they had to be turned into eggs, NURSE THEM INSIDE ZONE'S BASE NOT IN SOME STUPID SECRET HIDEOUT! Another good plan defeated by a lack of common sense!

3,) Not considering the time required to execute the plan can lead to failure

Any typical plot to consume the world's food supply with JUST ONE MONSTER?! Dongoros launches the Cockroach Jin in Fiveman to consume the food supply but, I mean if he decided to clone the monster, it could have consumed food supply faster than just having one monster. In Zyuranger, while Dora Circe also caused conflict, one may consider that he is just one monster. Now the monster ate their weapons, etc. and the Zyurangers could have lost if it wasn't for the Herb Molly but I mean, Priprican could have created an army of Dora Circes BUT as usual, their lack of common sense just caused their defeat.

4.) Some plans are just plain questionable for an invasion plot

In Bioman episode 9, I really thought of Doctor Man had awesome moments but also some moments of idiocy from Super Sentai villains. For one, I find the whole plot to power a super computer with the brain cells of KIDS?! Seriously, what in the world is Doctor Man thinking?! Now he has a Bioman captured, they got Ryuta Nanbara. Now this episode was my favorite seeing how badass Ryuta can get. What I thought was stupid of Doctor Man was this... he could have just killed Blue Three but no, he wanted data on the latter's regeneration ability. Who cares about it? If you kill him, the Biomen will be incomplete and you could have won. Fortunately his lack of common sense even as a super genius prevents him from getting any final victory!

Please inform your neighbors if you love tricycles. That way they can keep them locked inside.
The power of using romantic love can be very stupid if used improperly. Dora Pixie in Zyuranger had just people fall for anything which resulted to Boi and Dan enter into a love triangle for Mei (until the spell was broken). In the case of Ohranger, it's even more idiotic considering this- Bara Printer makes people fall for machines when she could have just blown up their appliances on their faces!

5.) A convoluted or unbelievable plot needs a real back-up plan then!

In Bioman episode 16, Doctor Man knows it will take up to six hours for his plan to cause an earthquake of intensity 8 in Japan. So what does he do? Like every evil scientist, he sets up a real plan to distract the Biomen until 3;00 P.M. arrives. If anybody is to blame why the Biomen knew of the plot, it was Farrah who blew it up when she laughed revealing that the bomb was about to blow off. You DO NOT reveal any plans like that, again what do you expect from Super Sentai villains?!

In Zyuranger episode 13, Bandora had her rare moments of common sense like every other Sentai villain. She sends out Dora Ladon who would start turning children into apples that she can eat. Now the plan is convoluted. Now at least she did some research and knew Mei would be a real obstacle. So what does she do? She asks Totbat to poison Mei with a poison apple, this nearly kills Mei which she was able to overcome. As convoluted or unbelievable her plot was to turn kids into apples but that episode, she really had her cards done right even if she forgot one thing... chase Mei and kill her!

In conclusion, one may think, "Hey what's Super Sentai without those unbelievable villain plots?!"


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