Sentai Speculation: Takeru Shiba's Possible Characterization Behind the Scenes!!!!

So another character I want to speculate on is Takeru Shiba.  For Ryunosuke and Chiaki, I don't know if there's much to speculate about them but I think Takeru Shiba is worth speculating on.  Now why did they name him Takeru?  How did he turn out the way he did?  Let's try to think of Yasuko Kobayashi and her habit of recycling old stuff from the 80s-90s.  Did executives name Shinken Red as is or did Yasuko Kobayashi choose the name?

Now let's a take at Yasuko Kobayashi's previous shades of red.  Now it's known that Shinkenger had two reds.  In Gingaman, Ryoma takes over his brother Hyuga's place because they all thought the latter died in the first episode only to return later as the second Bullblack.  In Timeranger, there were three reds - Ryuya was the Time Red/Time Fire from the future, Naoto was another red and the leading red is Tatsuya.  In Shinkenger, two reds were namely Takeru Shiba and the real Shinken Red, Kaoru Shiba.  Let's also take a look at the individual personalities.  Ryoma is bright, optimistic and hardworking maybe that explains why he was chosen to be Gingared above Hyuga.  On the other rand, we have Tatsuya who believes people have power over their destiny but only if people create a desirable future.  Takeru is like your typcal Sentai leader and like Ryoma, both use the element of fire which may be production staff.  Shigenor Takatera was Gingaman's head producer, Takaaki Utsunomiya was Shinkenger's head producer.

Remember, writers may actually dig into the old work of others... and prior to Gingaman, Yasuko Kobayashi was the sub-writer of Megaranger.  After Gingaman, she became the sub-writer of Gogo V then the head writer of Timeranger.  She was also a sub-writer for Boukenger.  So she may have also wanted to take bits and pieces there.  Again, she could also have decided to read back into Hirohisa Soda's old works.  Executives may have always allowed writers to view old works to see what can be recycled and modified for later series.


When the name Takeru comes in, I could only remember Red Mask which was the first Takeru.  Whether or not it is coincidental is not known.  For example, Gai Yuki and Gai Ikari share the same first name but they are totally different characters.  For Red Mask vs. Shinken Red, both of them were dedicated leaders who were somewhat impulsive... in the case of Shinken Red because he was only a shadow warrior.  Now I even have theory again of timing which has this in mind.


I would still think of Kamen Rider Decade again.  If Mako Shiraishi isn't the only one I speculate to have been affected by the timing of Shinkenger and Decade, I think Takeru Shiba was for this reason. Now what is noteworthy after the Kamen Rider Decade/Shinkenger crossover was this...

The Black/Black RX arc came along after the Decade/Shinkenger arc and it was already scheduled ahead.  Kamen Rider Black was aired on October 4, 1987 to October 9, 1988.  Maskman aired on February 28, 1987 to February 20, 1988.  That means when Maskman's October episodes aired alongside Kamen Rider Black's October episodes and when Maskman ended, Kamen Rider Black was still airing.  I don't know if Kobayashi even knew if some countries aired Maskman and Kamen Rider Black side by side during the 90s... which I remembered as a 90s kid.  Again it's probably just a coincidence or not.

So what if she decided to name Shinken Red as Takeru because of Red Mask?  What does Kamen Rider Black's timing have to do with my speculation?  Maskman had a stage show with Kamen Rider Black, Metalder, Spielban, Shaider, Red Flash, Blue Flash, Change Dragon, Change Phoenix, Green Two and Dyna Black.  So these were the unofficial crossovers and finally the first official crosover was coming.  What if Yasuko Kobayashi during the time she was drafting Shinken Red had many names to name him... then finally she decided to pick Takeru?  Perhaps she was finish drafting and naming the first five Shinkengers... and whatever name Takeru Shiba had before he was Takeru, she probably threw it away in favor of Takeru.

So even if a stage show is not a TV crossover but it provides ideas for future projects.  I would even think Haim Saban credits the stage shows but it was his idea to put it on TV with an unofficial crossover.  For one, if Yasuko Kobayashi was looking at the scheduled list draft, she might have thought, "Well I've got bits and pieces for everyone... now I think if I have one tribute here and there, it wouldn't hurt if another red ranger was named Takeru! After all weren't Spade Ace and Oh Red named Gorou for a first name?  Besides Shinkenger has a variant of aura power called Mojikara so... I'll name him Takeru!" thus Takeru Shiba was born!  Then again remember, this is just me speculating and a lot of events here may just be mere coincidences.

I'll soon continue some speculations whenever they enter my head.  Meanwhile I'll probably seek some injustices that happened in Super Sentai.  Again, remember when you can't take any of my speculation series, avert thine eyes!


  1. Nonsense. No concrete evidence to at least back your speculation.


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