Tac the Owl's Possible Symbolic Representation in Timeranger

Timeranger has its obvious shout-outs to itself as a time themed Sentai.  For example you have the Chrono Changers, the Timerangers having Vector Blades representing short hand and long hand but what about Tac?  Now here's my analysis of the symbol of the use of the owl.

The owl was a symbol of the status, wealth and intelligence, In mythological use, the owl was the ruler of the night, seer of souls and keeper of spirits and its symbolic meanings included transition (read here).  It is also teaches discretion, the need of a private sanctuary, being attentive and listening (read here).  Isn't this all Tac does in Timeranger?

For intelligence, Tac has the database of all the alien criminals in the 31st Century and what they have been doing, their charges and so on.  He provides advice to the Timerangers on how to handle their current mission which makes him a symbol of wisdom.  In Greek mythology, Athena the goddess of wisdom also has pet owl.

Now what about the owl's symbolisms to private sanctuary, attentiveness and listening?  The Timerangers must listen to Tac because he knows a lot about the alien criminals because he has data on them.  The Timerangers have their private sanctuary in a place that Tatsuya rents to be away from his family.  The Timerangers are required to listen to Tac because he knows how to handle the case, he gives advice to them as well.

For other attributes of the owl being a ruler of the night, Time Shadow comes into mind.  As a seer of souls and keeper of spirits, it might also be symbolized by the fact he can sense Space-Time pulses.

Any mistakes?  Let me know!


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