Sentai Speculation: Why Were Zimba, Jarmin and Rehda Written Off Mid-Season?!

Turboranger itself was a Super Sentai series I felt had a great mystery to it. Whether or not it was an injustice, it partly may be. Now I'd like to speculate on why Zimba, Jarmin and Rehda were written off mid-season but they managed to stay for a good half of the show. So what was going on?

For Zimba, I was thinking it's possible to still keep him along considering he doesn't show his face for the rest of the series. I mean, we only got to see his face during the episode that introduced him as a warrior who was once in love with a princess who rejected him. Then again, what if the stuntman had other projects? What if the voice actor wasn't available? I dunno what reasons were his reasons for leaving.

Jarmin was played Kanako Kishi all throughout (she's also a JAV star like Rika Nanase in Carranger, strangely both Turboranger and Carranger had JAV idols acting as villains... Gingaman's Shelinda, Megaranger's Shibolena and Akibaranger's Malshina were also played by JAV idols). Now why did she leave? Did she have budget disputes or was there a lack of budget? I don't know. But I thought that it was a waste to get rid of Jarmin. But if the actress had her desire to leave then I can't call it an injustice. Or maybe it was.

For me the one I'm bothered at the most is Rehda. I mean if they wanted to write off Zimba and Jarmin, I wish Rehda stayed considering he was Ragorn's personal adviser. But why did Musashi Ishibashi want to leave? It could have been budget disputes or he thought the show wasn't bringing him anywhere. Only if Musashi Ishibashi will tell us why he left Turboranger.


  1. Igam/Iaru Actress Mina Asami is a JAV actress doing pink films and possibly hardcore.
    I don't think it was a budget but that could be a reason of enforcement and a plus up.
    I think it is a "creative" if not a lazy concept of having only two henchmen plus the little worm and I the big boss.

    Yanimaru and Kirilka was interesting but the three that was writing out worked since episode one!

    This would be Musashi Ishibashi's final Super Sentai villain role as Dr.Rehdah until Gekiranger theatrical movie which is 16 years later as Yang.


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