Super Sentai Cast Members Who Also Appeared in Kamen Rider

Here's a list of Super Sentai cast members who appeared in Kamen Rider, before or after.  Here are some I can remember:

The legendary Hiroshi Miyauchi was Kamen Rider V3... perhaps his best known role.

Hirohisa Nakata played the final villain Emperor Zero before he became Mason in Bioman.  Both performances were extremely evil.

Yutaka Hirose appeared as a guest in Kamen Rider Black episode 4.  He wanted to be Kamen Rider Black as some people say but the role went to Tetsuo Kurata instead.  He later appeared in Kamen Rider Agito episodes 49-50 before he quit Tokusatsu not liking how it has become.  How I wish he appeared in Boukenger as Gaja.

Ryosuke Sakamoto appeared in Kamen Rider Black episode seven as a man whose parents was killed by ruffians, that was after he was Red One in Bioman.  He'll be back for the Gokaiger movie.  Woohoo!

In Kamen Rider Black episode 8, Miyuki Nagato appeared as a Gorgom henchwoman helping out the scheme of the "Devil's Trill". She was previously Ulk in Flashman.

Joji Nakata after his appearance as Kaura and before becoming Dr. Bias, guest starred in Kamen Rider Black episode 10 as a doctor who was misguided by Gorgom, left and lived to tell the tale.

Kouji Unoki who acted as Dyna Blue became the human form of the Buffalo Monster.

Hiroki Nishimoto appeared in Kamen Rider Black episode 29 as a friend of Kasumi.  Before that, she was Sayaka Nagisa/Change Mermaid.

Mayumi Yoshida who was Lou/Pink Flash appeared in Kamen Rider Black episode 37 as a wedding guest.

Masashi Ishibashi appeared in Kamen Rider Black episode 40 as a man who teaches martial arts.

Prior to Turboranger, Kenta Satou appeared as Kotaro's childhood friend named Yuusuke in Kamen Rider Black RX episode 8 who discovered Crisis Empire's latest weapon.  

The legendary Kenji Ohba (Gavan, Battle Kenya, Denzi Blue) appeared in Kamen Rider Black RX episode 34 who was looking for his missing son.

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In Kamen Rider Double episode 21-22, Ayumi Kinoshita was Aya Kutou the human form of Triceratops Dophant.  She like Kouji Unoki was playing both a Sentai ranger and Kamen Rider monster.  

Missed any?  Let me know!


  1. You know 'she' meant Ayumi Kinoshita (Deka Yellow). So... why didn't you list her name?

    By the way, Kamen Rider Double also has Yuka Hirata (Mele) and Naoki Kawano (Long) from Gekiranger. There's also Kouichirou Nishi (Ryouga/Aba Red) from Abaranger.

  2. @ChrisX-

    Fixed it already. BTW do you have the episodes where they appeared?

  3. More:

    Atsushi Harada (GoGreen) was Kamen Rider Delta in 555

    Double also features Nao Nagasawa (HurricaneBlue) as Lily Shirogane and Masayuki Deai (BoukenSilver) as Ashihara/Trigger Dopant. The Kamen Rider Eternal movie spin-off has Rin Takanashi (ShinkenPink) as Mina and Sho Tomita (AbareBlue) as Lloyd.

    Mitsuomi Takahashi (BoukenRed) appeared in episodes 17-18 of Kamen Rider OOO as a kendo instructor

    Hidenori Tokuyama (Go-on Gold) played Kamen Rider Kick Hopper in Kabuto

  4. Bouken red was in OOO as civilian for 1~2 episodes

  5. Bouken Red was in OOO as civilian for 1~2 episodes

  6. Mitsuomi Takahashi (BoukenRed) appeared in Ep. 17 & 18 of Kamen Rider OOO and i don't know if this counts but Hidenori Tokuyama (Go-OnGold) first appeared in Kamen Rider Kabuto as Kamen Rider TheBee and then as Kamen Rider KickHopper and in Go-Onger he became Go-OnGold.

  7. what about the one who played the first Thebee and Kickhopper and then later Go-On Gold? you forget that...
    sorry, forgot who he was...

  8. Kouta from Hurricanger, Houji from Dekaranger, and Kenta from Megaranger all appeared in Kamen Rider Den-o.

  9. Actually, Miyauchi's best known role is Zubat. ;)

    Yeah, Yutaka Hirose auditioned to be Kamen Rider Black, but they got someone new instead.

    Yutaka Hirose also plays as a villain in Kamen Rider Agito, in eps 49 and 50. He was a corrupted cop named Shirakawa. This was Hirose's final toku role to date.

    Geki's actor from Zyuranger plays the main character of Kamen Rider J.

    NinjaYellow's actor from Kakuranger plays as the Grongi, Me-Badjisu-Ba from Kuuga, eps 7-8.

    GaoBlack's actor from Gaoranger plays as the Grongi, Go-Gamego-Re in Kuuga, eps 25-30. This was the year before he played as GaoBlack.

    Master Kaku's actor from Dairanger plays as the character, Hanagata (aka the Goat Orphenoc) from 555.

    TimePink's actress from Timeranger played as Kiba's girlfriend in eps 1 and 2 of 555.

    ChangeGriffin's actor plays as the Moose Fangire in eps 32-33 of Kiva.

    There are of course the Shinkengers that appeared in Decade for a crossover.

    Kamen Rider W has tons of Sentai actors:

    Lunagel's/Rin's actress from Magiranger plays as the T-Rex Dopant from eps 1-2.

    GingaGreen's actor appears as a guest in eps 11-12.

    Abared's actor is the Arms Dopant in eps 15-16.

    HurricaneBlue's actress plays as the Invisible Dopant in eps 27-28.

    Yuka's actress from Magiranger (Kai's girlfriend) plays as the Yesterday Dopant in eps 33-34, who is also the character, Kirihiko's sister.

    Long's actor from Gekiranger plays as the Gene Dopant in eps 39-40.

    Mele's actor from Gekiranger plays as the Guest of the Week in eps 45-46.

    Yui Koike (Ahim/GokaiPink) played as the Guest of the Week in the final episode of W (49). This was very shortly before she got her role as GokaiPink, half a year later.

    BoukenSilver's actor plays as the Trigger Dopant in the movie, "A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate."

    Mako's actress from Shinkenger plays as the character Mina from the movie, Kamen Rider W Returns.

    1. BoukenSilver's Actor Also Played Both Kyoryu Grey's In Kyoryuger

  10. don't forget to post a thread about sentai cast members who appeared in metal heroes and vice versa

  11. one person that should be mentioned is the late Machiko Soga who before being known for playing Sentai villains voiced Doctor Kate in Kamen Rider Stronger also Kazuya Nakai who is much better known in the anime community was the narator for Hibiki as well as the voice for Kamen Rider Eiki is currently voicing Garu/Ookami Blue in Kyuranger in the future a list with actors/actress who have been both riders and senshi would be awesome


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