Villains Who Cloned Themselves

Well there were villains in Super Sentai who cloned themselves.  They were:

Doctor Man- He created a mechaclone of himself to fool Mason just in case his betrayal came.  In episode 28, this mechaclone was used to its fullest as it was killed to fool Mason and the others.  Later, he revealed himself alive and well to the traitors he reprogrammed.  It was a back-up scheme just in case the Big Three figured out his true identity.

Zulten- In episode 37 of Turboranger, Zulten created a metallic clone of himself called Zulten Metal Type to defeat the Turborangers.  At first its skin was impregnable but the weak spot located at its abdomen was too exposed.  It was discovered when a zombified Misa Yamaguchi fought back at the Zulten Metal Type.

Lt. Col. Gara- She created Wraith Gara out of the a straw doll and her blood without being aware she was the copy of the real Gara.  Talk about the clone cloning itself.  LOL.  Compared to her other teammates, she was only a copy while Gorma XV, Shaddam and Zydos used clay bodies as their extensions.


  1. I remember from PR Lightspeed Rescue, one monster did clone itself, but only for the purpose to fight the extra ranger.. Did the same thing happen in GoGoV?


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