Introducing Gai Ikari!

Gokaiger will have its introduction of GAI IKARI.  Well I think Gai Yuuki can beat this guy up anytime.  Hee hee.  Talk about having another Gai in Super Sentai.  Like Genta Umemori, he is pretty hyper.

Naruhisa Arakawa and his co-writers really know how to pay tribute.  These are all extra rangers.  Oh yeah, nice to see Dragon Ranger being used and also Abare Killer.

He does have some funny moments but don't underestimate him.  Like Genta, beneath that hyper psychotic guy is a power so strong...

He's now looking pretty bad-ass!

Now that's kinda brutal... woah!

It will be no surprise next week will have the a silver ranger mayhem.  Hee hee.


  1. I'm going to call him Genta the Second. :P

  2. He's hyper, but just because a character is hyper does not mean he's a Genta clone. He's different with regards to the fact that he worships the team. He is the fanboy. And Genta questions if he truly is a samurai, whereas Gai is a lot more confident with the fact that he is a sentai warrior. And Gai is more genre-savvy than Genta. Gai worships sentai, whereas Genta wants to be with his friends. The way I see things, Gai is the fan. He is the audience. He is us. He is you, he is me. And this is the first time sentai has ever done this.

  3. I thought Basco would be the gokai silver after fight the gokaiger like Burai (zyuranger) and Tsukumaro (gaoranger)

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