Super Sentai Cast Members in Metal Hero

Well some Super Sentai characters did also appear in Metal Hero.  Now time to recall who I can recall...

Kenji Ohba- He played as Gavan in his own series and later made a finale appearance in Sharivan.  Perhaps his best known part is GAVAN!  When he appears, Gavan comes to mind.  Glad he would reappear for the Gokaiger movie.

Soga Machiko- She appeared as a Double Girl in Gavan (forgot which) and she also appeared as Queen Pandora in Spielban.  RIP Soga Machiko.

Takumi Hirose- I forgot which series he appeared in.  I think it was Jiraya.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

Yuki Yajima- She appeared in Bioman as Helen before her role as Mika Koizumi in Bioman.  Sadly she didn't last long in the entertainment world.  

Naoto Oka and Junichiro Katagari- They guest starred in Janperson as incompetent police officers.


  1. You forgot important ones:
    Hiroshi Miyauchi in Winspector, Solbrain and Exceedraft as Sunsuke Masaki, Jun'ichi Haruta (Goggle/Dyna Black) as Mad Gallant in Juspion

  2. Takumi Hashimoto

    Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger-Boi

    Sekai ninja sen Jiraiya-Manabu Yamaji

  3. takumi also appeared in kamen rider black

  4. Ryosuke Sakamoto aka shirou/red 1 appeared in solbrain episode 17


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