Gai Ikari's Battlizer

Can't stop using the term "battlizer" can't I?  Ha ha.  Anyway, as said, battlizers were existent in Tokusatsu before they made it into the U.S. adaptations.  I think this is kind of funny-looking at the same time cool.  I don't know what to think about it.  So I wonder if the Gokaigers will also get a battlizer too?

Some flashbacks on battlizers in Tokusatsu...

The Metal Hero series B-Fighter had the concept of a Battlizer.

The idea of a single ranger upgrade was from Zyuranger.  Burai had the power chest armor which he later passed on to Geki before he died a second time.  Burai is a sixth ranger with a battlizer but it was always on him by default compared to Gai Ikari.

Everything else...

Gai Yuuki still kicks his butt... LOL!


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