Super Sentai Cast Members in Kamen Rider W

Kamen Rider W was filled with Sentai alumni especially post-Timeranger.  Thanks to Fantasy Leader for this information.  Here they are:

Meibi Yamauchi was T-Rex Dophant in episodes 1-2.

Koji Sueyoshi guest starred in episodes 11-12.  Only pre-Timeranger Sentai cast member here.

Nao Nagasawa appeared as Invisible Dophant in episodes 27-28.

Kaoru Hinata plays as Yesterday Dophant in episodes 33-34.

Naoki Kawano plays as the Gene Dophant in episodes 39-40.

Yuki Hirata plays as a guest from episode 39-40.

Yui Koike appeared in episode 49 as a guest of the week before Gokaiger.

Deai Masayuki appeared as Trigger Dophant in the Kamen Rider W movie "A to Z/Gaia Memories of Fate".

Rin Takanashi appeared as Mina in Kamen Rider Returns.


  1. Doesn't Ayumi Kinoshita deserve another mention? ;)

    Sho Tomita (AbareBlue) will be making a guest appearance in the Kamen Rider Eternal movie

  2. Also, Koichirou Nishi/AbaRed is the Arms Dopant in episodes 15-16.


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