My Own Version Of Chisato Jougasaki

I remembered doing some wishful thinking for Megaranger -- after all, nothing is perfect, right? This one had me rethinking about how I wish Chisato to have appeared especially after watching the Megaranger vs. Carranger film. While events in that film are most likely not to fit in either which continuity but I thought of it'd be better if Natsumi Shinohara/Yellow Racer actually teamed up with a more badass Chisato.

Both Natsumi and Chisato bring back the experimental concept of Mika Koizumi for a reason -- one's a rebel loner and the other is a photographer. Rewatching all the Natsumi focused episodes in Carranger is where it's just badass. Natsumi herself shows just how you can't mess with her. What else does Natsumi and Mika have in common? Their fondness for red clothing and the tendency to oppose the red ranger. Heck, I even felt Natsumi-focused episodes written by Hirohisa Soda actually had Mika in mind. I even called Natsumi a season long Mika.

Now I'd like to give my own way of how I wish Chisato was handled. Miku is the cute one so I thought of making Chisato the tougher than nails one. I wouldn't make her a bad girl in school. Just that she's badass. Maybe make her the head of the karate club among the rangers. She is a practicing martial artist while she desires to be a professional photographer. Hmmm... imagine all the hilarious hijinks a more tougher Chisato will create. She's tough but she's also gentle. She does well in her studies though she's NOT on top of her class either. She does her best and acknowledges all her rivals all the while she wishes to help people at the bottom out of it. Just that she seems perfect which will make her struggle with her team.

I would have probably given her some shipping with Kenta (even if Megaranger episodes had Kenta having on/off love interests). She's the opposition to Kenta. I decided to rewatch a couple of episodes where Kenta and Chisato could have had a Shiro vs. Mika type of relationship.

I think that maybe if I were the writer -- I would have probably not made Shun the one who ran away but Chisato. After the first two episodes, she decides that becoming a Megaranger was a bad dream and she decided to pursue her interests such as the karate club or the photography club. She decides to go back to her dream of becoming a photographer. However, Kenta as slacker as he may be ends up chasing after her and convinces her to fight for the Megarangers. She may have a bit of sob story where she dreams of taking pictures of the wildlife in Africa, she's got a dead older brother which will be expanded in future episodes -- such as the episode when her grandma actually remembers her beloved dead grandson as a reason why she became overprotective of Chisato. Hmmm... make the age gap between her and her late brother a little bigger. Maybe she lost her older brother just a year ago and she still misses him and maybe even recall him for many more episodes to come.

While Kenta does talk sense into Chisato about protecting the Earth -- I would make her be the one who makes him take his studies seriously or make him stop all his nonsense. One particular episode where I thought she could have played Mika was the episode where Kenta raised an alien monster as a pet. She could hand over some objections or maybe, try to break the egg because it's obviously dangerous. But she does show some humanity especially when the monster develops human feelings. I could make her butt in every time Kenta tries to skip classes -- telling him that he needs to focus on his studies as much as they would be saving the Earth from Nezire. She's a bright girl and her "rebelliousness" stems from her intelligence even if she's not the top of the class.

Besides, can you imagine how it could have been more badass if this version of Chisato met with badass Natsumi? Well, they could have doubled kicking butt a lot showing their male teammates to never underestimate them based on their gender.