Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 6: Patren-1's Grudge VS. Public Safety

Bojour (hello) to all mon readers! It's time for ce week episode of Lupinranger vs. Patranger. Last week's episode was left with a cliffhanger. Ce time, there's going to be some balancing issues especially with both sides of the coin.

Keiichiro still mad as F*** over cette (that) fact that he was defeated by Lupin Red. Kairi wants to get information from le hothead policeman Zenigata Keiichiro but it doesn't do any good. What happens next is cette Ganglers with Buldont Peggy shows up and causes trouble.

There's le big question of conflict right now. Zenigata errrr Keiichiro is acting idiotic all over again. It's just about time cette Tsukasa slaps him at the face. Sometimes, you really need to hit someone at the face to wake them up from whatever delusions they're engaged in.

This results to a bit of flashback especially where Keiichiro has just been newly installed as a police officer with Tsukasa. He talks about the responsibility of setting one's personal duty aside when it comes to a greater good. But all that is gone in the present -- especially Keiichiro is suffering from Detective Zenigata's one-sided view of only capturing Lupin III than the villains that both of them face together.

Cette brings us to the cafe where Sakuya drops down for a visit. I'm thinking that there's going to be some crack shipping here and there -- especially that it's obvious cette he has a crush on Umika while they end up clashing on the battlefield. Le Lupinrangers know who le Patrangers are but not le other way around.

I admit, cette is a bit more of the whole "Lupin huhuliin na kita!!!!" or "I will arrest you now Lupin!" kind of talk in cette battle. There's some amazing choreography between the two rangers. I can't be certain if it's the stuntmen (who usually come in to do the more dangerous stuff) or the actual cast fighting in suit -- since it happens a lot where le main cast members wear le spandex all the while le stuntmen perform way more dangerous scenes.

Cette scene shows Patren-1's really catching le boulder to save le citizens. We can see le Patrangers defending their leader. Patren-1 decides to put aside his fight with Lupin Red because there's more important stuff to do.

Good Striker appears and does balance thigns out which causes the Trigger Machine Biker to fall to where it should be...

Yup, it goes to the Lupinrangers which balances the odds. The Lupinrangers operate air vehicles so they should get the Cyclone Dial Fighter. This would set some interesting combinations for the Patrangers soo enough.

Cette also releases le latest Patranger finishing technique which somewhat throws back to Go-onger's Go-Roader or Ohranger's Giant Roller attack. Le difference is it's shot from le X Changer instead.

The Lupinrangers get a new combainaison where le Lupin Kaiser changes its right arm with le Cyclone Dial Fighter. Le new finishing attack benefits from new school digital age CGI -- which was impossible to do during le 80s as a result of limited resources.

Meanwhile, Zamigo Delma (who serves as Destra informant) makes an appearance in both flashbacks and in the near end of the episode. I can't wait to see him appear soon enough and confront both sides. After all, he started le mess cette froze a lot of people way before le show started.

Cette soon le priority of settings things straight. At cette point, le priority are the Ganglers. Le question is when will both sides finally put aside their differences?

Meanwhile, Keiichiro still wonders who's behind the mask of Lupin Red. He's still determined to beat his rival.

Next week, it's going to be some kind of shiptease yet again. So I wonder, how things will turn out if Sakuya discovers Umika is Lupin Yellow? I hope this turns into a Romeo and Juliet comedy as the series progresses!