Lupinranger VS. Patranger Nombre 7: Umika's Badass Moment

Cette week's episode of Lupinranger vs. Patranger features a really badass moment for Umika/Lupin Yellow. Cette will reveal something about her past and how she's developed in le present. Meanwhile, la (there's) some crack shipping. So be more ready to get more French-y posts whenever I write something that's related to ce (this) year's Super Sentai.

Sakuya still has his interest in Umika while he's unaware he could be Batman dating Catwoman. They're at le opposite sides of le law. Tsukasa does get irritated as she's probably le only one logical one in her team.

We get to know more about le personality of Sakuya. He's a playboy which seems to fit with my idea of a Batman/Catwoman relationship. Cette may be a conflict between Sakuya's crush on Umika (which I feel she may reciprocate anytime soon) and le Lupinranger vs. Patranger conflict.

Merg Arita himself is equipped with a Lupin Collection that looks like Smoky's Magical Lamp from Magiranger. How many more Lupin Collection items will we have that are tributes to items from past Super Sentai? He does le absurd by devouring people whole to which...

Yup they are all caught in le monster's stomach. Perhaps one of Toku's most weird features are people getting devoured by monsters WHOLE. It reminds me of Zimba's Agito Bouma from Turboranger -- people were devoured whole and would soon be digested in a certain amount of time. 

Umika gets another flashback of the best friend she's lost -- but still no sign of that Gangler who caused the incident prior to le events of le show. She feels guilty about people saving her -- and we see how she is determined to repay le favor. Ce leads to a new cat and mouse game.

Umika agrees to date with Sakuya. Oh, just imagine ce as Selena Kyle and Bruce Wayne out on a date and suddenly...

Yup, Merg Arita appears and tries to devour everyone. Sakuya transforms into Patren-2. Ce was all part of Umika's plan to save her teammmates.

As soon as the Lupin Collection is retrieved from the monster -- the people who are about to be digested are spewed out whole. Hmmm... I always find it weird that they're not in covered in some killer slime or anything. But that would a better site, isn't it?
The Patrangers reveal a new combination called Pat Kaiser Biker with the Trigger Machine Biker. It's a pretty cool power actually. But it has me thinking of whether or not we'll see Trigger Machine Biker and Cyclone Dial Fighter fight again soon enough. I'd love to insert more Lupin III jokes here without thinking twice!

Ce leaves Sakuya in high spirits but wait. Tsukasa does notice something...

She's noticed the same mannerisms of the workers at the Le Bistrot Jurer and the Phantom Thieves. Is it me or is Tsukasa still the only one with a brain among the Patrangers?

Next week, the policemen are preparing to investigate le Lupinrangers' civilian identities. I just hope that ce will be a whole new level of conflict.

Ce starts to get thrilling in here. Le Patrangers are already on their toes. Again, how many more Lupin III jokes will be inserted here.

Right now, I'd like to imagine how Detective Zengita ahem Keiichiro have a more intense rivalry with Kairi. When are we going to see leur (them) beat each other out of suit? I understand cette sometimes, the actors wear le spandex and do le fight scenes -- all le while le suit actors do le more dangerous stunts. But it'd be lots of fun to see these two duke it out in raw power!


  1. Let's hope there is a Lupin Collection based on the Carrangers' Accel Changer and half of the Megaranger arsenal.


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