A Rundown of Super Sentai and Power Rangers in Doing Anniversary Specials

So today Power Rangers turns 20 while Power Rangers is 37 and had at least two anniversary crossovers and for Power Rangers, it had two as well which will be explained below.  Now for a review of these anniversary specials:

Before Goranger and JAKQ were added as part of Super Sentai, Turboranger was the 10th anniversary of Super Sentai.  However later on, Goranger and JAKQ got acknowledged thus imo removing this as an anniversary season.  Episode zero of Turboranger was a clip show featuring Battle Fever J up to Liveman.

To prepare for the 25th anniversary, the post-Timeranger episode that included Goranger and JAKQ was created.  So yeah, it was a gateway since Timeranger ended and Gaoranger was going to become the 25th Super Sentai.  Too bad Time Force for a great Power Rangers entry didn't present a showcase of all previous rangers after the final episode, that would have been cool so at least people can know of the earlier Power Rangers as well.

Gaoranger was the 25th entry making it a silver anniversary.  In its honor, Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai was created where Tokusatsu legend Hiroshi Miyauchi reprised his active role as Big One.  Big One, Ginga Blue, Red Falcon, Mega Pink and Go Yellow became the official team.  On the side of Power Rangers, Wild Force was the tenth season and it had Forever Red.  Both Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai and Forever Red featured cameos of red rangers though sadly, Forever Red was hurriedly written in contrast to Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai but Wild Force imo is an okay season. XD  On the positive side, Forever Red brought more past guest stars than Gaoranger did though Gaoranger's version had a better execution keeping the Org plot as well.  But yeah, each to his own.

Boukenger and Operation Overdrive were anniversary seasons each with their own unique team-ups.  So yeah, Boukenger did its nostalgic value by featuring designs based on past mecha or enemies.  For example, Gaja may remind some of Black Cross Fuehrer or Ryuon of Daizyujin and more.  Plus, Boukenger's suits kinda look like Turboranger suits.  For the side of Operation Overdrive, it also had its own team up which featured Lord Zedd's son Thrax which was a cool concept in itself.  Boukenger had the team-up of Magishine, Magi Yellow, Hurricane Blue, Deka Break and Abare Black.  Operation Overdrive had Yellow Dino Ranger, Blue Ninja Ranger, Bridge as Red SPD Ranger, the return of Adam and Black Ranger II and Green Mystic Ranger.  Looking at both specials again, I've judged Operation Overdrive rather unfairly as Boukenger vs. Super Sentai in itself had issues as well like right now I'm starting to like it less, on the positives the Operation Overdrive crossover no matter how much I disliked it I could positively say that the feature of the villains altogether and Thrax were plus points against Boukenger's which made something original or the part where the Operation Overdrive Rangers lost their powers.  So yeah, Operation Overdrive for me might be a bad season but after watching Power Rangers Samurai, it does have its credits like the Corona Aurora plot or not following Boukenger villains too much.  Just my two cents of change of mind about how much I showed unfair prejudice towards the series.

Gokaiger and Power Rangers Super Megaforce.  First with Gokaiger I'd say it managed to do the craziest and most awesome anniversary season considering this- special guests almost every week from past Super Sentai, them using the powers lost by the previous 34 groups giving nostalgic value and of course Gai Ikari representing the Super Sentai fans.  So yeah I felt the villains weren't that good in Gokaiger but the whole season was filled with nostalgic value especially when they seek to unlock the Greater Power.  In the case of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the Megaforce Rangers will soon get the Gokaiger suits which I thought has a creative side of its own while thinking that too bad Saban didn't return a little earlier since I wanted to have the Goseiger and Gokaiger adaptation done separately but oh well.  I just hope Saban makes the special really great for Power Rangers fans.  I'll just sit down and wait for now.

So pretty much, thank you to all Power Rangers fans who like Super Sentai for supporting this blog and to all Super Sentai fans who are against unfair prejudice of Power Rangers. XD