Super Sentai Villains I Felt Their Later Arrival Added Conflict to the Show

Here are some characters in Super Sentai that arrived later that I believe brought conflict to the show they were in:

Biohunter Silver- Ever since his arrival in Bioman, it became a really frightful thing as he was zealous about killing ANYTHING with Bio Particles plus the fact that he had the power that killed Mika Koizumi makes it even more frightening.  In fact, I was worried as a kid he'd kill ALL the Biomen soon.  I thought that his role as an enemy to both Bioman and Gear made him a very interesting foe.  Too bad he was shrunk into a stupid role for Super Hero Taisen.

General Zenobia- So she was originally banished for rebelling against Aton.  What makes her a real bitch is that she framed up BOTH Kar (which led to his death) and Megiddo (which led to his exile only to return as Black Knight).

Queen Ahames- Power-hungry ruler of Amazo, this woman knows what she is doing with the Changemen.  Her cruelty is something you just can't underestimate.  Consider every plan she has, she just loves to make the Changemen's lives miserable.  Really, you'll have to admit she's one angry bitch!

Kiros- Yup him.  I thought that Maskman got more interesting than it already was with his arrival.  The fact he sides with no one and can singlehandedly make the Maskmen suffer is something.  Plus, you have to credit he destroyed the Shot Bomber with help from his horse which was really an underground beast.  You might want to credit that his rivalry with Takeru for Ial is one of the best plots ever.  I really thought he was the best villain Maskman had to offer but Zeba for me was still in my list of favorite villains.

Dr. Ashura- Okay he's a gang leader with absurdly poor Math skills but when Dr. Bias enhanced him, he becomes even deadlier than he already was.  So yeah, I thought his involvement in the show with all that dangerous tactics he has makes it an interesting rivalry, him against Dr. Mazenda and Dr. Kemp.  In fact he's the only later villain I found interesting due to how deadly he is and his redeemed death.

Yamimaru and Kirika- Yamimaru starts off as a lone wandering Nagare Bouma who disguises himself as a teenager with a bad attitude clashing against teenager with attitude to do what's right.  Later we meet another teenager with attitude in the person of Kirika.  So yeah, it was sad to see the three generals Zimba, Jarmin and Rehda die due to some payroll issues perhaps.  I thought these guys added conflict to the show considering they really even turned against Ragorn causing them to temporarily lead the bad guys.  I also liked how they finally found peace in the end.

Chevalier- For me, he really brought some interesting conflict in Fiveman. One has to consider his temporarily killing Five Red in battle or the fact that the Fivemen fear him a lot.  Also that Black Gorlin was a nice touch.  Too bad Garoa got decayed in the process since Garoa was also a menace in himself despite being stupid.  However I'll admit as much as I like him, sadly most of the schemes he however has are pretty half-brained as Garoa's.

Burai- Okay Burai was a hero for the rest of his tenure but he was a villain during the six-part arc that focused on him on the "Green with Evil" saga in Zyuranger.  Unlike Tommy, he is evil at his own free will and the fact he is more than willing to kill his brother Geki adds more conflict.  In fact while Zyuranger for me may be better than MMPR execution-wise but this guy brought conflict until he was redeemed.  Plus, he has a very creepy evil laugh that beats Tommy's anytime to add to the chill.

Gorma XV- I thought that despite him being senile yet cruel, he really added some conflict to the show considering the fact that Shadam had been manipulating him all along.  Also, he was the big presence of the Gorma running everything in his effort to revive the crumbled empire of the Gorma in itself.  Overall a really creepy villain.

Akomaru- The fact that he is Shadam's son and Kou's twin brother makes more conflict than there is.  In fact while Kou first appeared as comic relief and just some randomly chosen kid, this guy helped add the conflict in Akomaru's life.  Also the fact he is not in good terms with his own father adds more conflict too.

Gasha Skull- Too bad he was short-lived.  I'd say Daimaou was pretty creepy but this guy imo is better.  So yeah, too bad he had to die so early while Rito Revolto (his dumber counterpart) got to stay much longer. =(

Daimaou- The evil ruler of the Youkai is no funny guy like Master Vile.  In fact, he really engineered several schemes that makes him really despicable.  If you ask me, not caring about his son was really despicable.

Bomber the Great- Well he arrived after the defeat of Bacchushund.  For one, I think he's far better than the rest of Baranoia.  Well he had to be written off soon.

Emperor Exhaus- Compared to his subordinates, this guy is not even funny.  He's one fearsome emperor who could care less about his subordinates, even dumped them in the end.  That became his downfall though when Gynamo threw expired imo-youkan into his mouth.

Gurail- Yup he really is one sadistic creature who knows how to make the Megarangers' lives miserable. However Dr. Hinelar turned the tables on him and he was destroyed by the Mega Voyager. XD

The Nejirangers- Hee hee this is where Dr. Hinelar beats Dr. Man.  Okay Dr. Man is great but Dr. Hinelar used Javious' DNA to create these fearsome guys!  You got to admit they are frightening.  Just glad that PR in Space didn't make them into idiots like they did with Gasha Skull.

Mikoto Nakadai- Yup you'll have to admit he is one cruel bastard.  So I haven't seen much of Abaranger but having somebody who's turned extremely cruel as an evil ranger is something.

The Questers Gai and Rei- I thought that the introduction of these two villains made Boukenger a little more interesting.  These guys just don't know when to quit!  For one, unlike Ramu and Gogu in Jetman who were just short-lived villains, I think these guys do better!

Long- This guy really knows conflict and he's been around for a long time manipulating events.  Yup, this guy really started scheming behind everyone, pretending to serve Rio only to betray him.  He already brought more conflict between heroes and villains as well.

Yogoschrimaten- The fact that he is a total, complete bastard makes him a really huge conflict in Go-onger.  While the Gaiarcs were mostly silly, this guy is no laughing matter.

Akumaro- Sly, manipulative and scheming.  I think he even outwits Doukoku himself.

Basco- Perhaps the most insidious monster in Gokaiger.  I felt the Gokaiger villains were pretty silly at times but no not Basco, he'll do anything to get the Greatest Treasure in the Universe even if it means betraying his friends like he did to Marvelous.  In fact, I felt he brought the necessary conflict into an otherwise lighthearted show.


  1. Long was such a jerk in Gekirangers; but that sometimes makes for the best kind of villain

    1. Yeah he was. He really is one of the best villains ever considering he really made Gekiranger more interesting thn it already was. XD

  2. Maybe if Messiah had more creations besides Enter and Escape. Gobuster might be a big hit.


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