Most Dramatic Sentai Ranger Kills Sentai Villain Scenes IMO

In Super Sentai, I have my obsession with one-on-one duels to the death as well.  Here are my favorites in no particular order:

Buuba's death at the hands of Change Dragon- It did look like he killed Shima which enraged both Ahames (since Shima was needed to create the destructive wave with Daryl who generates the anti-Amanga energy needed to destroy the Changemen) and the Changemen.  In this one, Buuba decides to die a warrior's death by challenging Change Dragon rather than die at the hands of Gozma.  After being wounded severely by Change Dragon, we see a restored Shima and he talks to her, telling her that she's been restored.  With his last breath, he blows up while heading towards Ahames with his sword as a marker for his sacrifice.

Baraba's death at the hands of Red Mask- Okay I don't think the choreography is unique but the plot behind it is.  So Baraba joined with Kiros who was going to use him to get Ial.  So after being turned down by Oyobur who had more loyalty to Zeba than to him, he challenges Red Mask to a final battle.  In this attempt to restore his honor, Baraba is eventually killed by Red Mask.  His death felt kinda powerful as it made even his bitter rival Princess Igam saddened by it.

Chevalier's death at the hands of Five Red- For me it was the best battle ever in Fiveman.  So Chevalier has so much zeal to destroy the Fivemen that he even challenged Five Red to a chain deathmatch.  However as the deathmatch ended, it turned out to be that Chevalier was deceived by Vulgyre (under the Meadow persona) that he was being used to kill people from the very beginning.  Chevalier's death provided the final energy the "most powerful death" that allowed Vulgyre to become his final form in the finale.

Gure's death at the hands of Black Condor- I thought it was like this- Gure wanted to die honorably and after seeing Maria die, he had nothing to live for.  So what he did was to challenge Gai Yuki in an honorable duel so he could die a warrior's death.  I assume he did this so he can be left to die on his own rather than let Radiguet kill him.  After the final strike, Black Condor de-morphs into Gai Yuki and lights a cigarette for him, he dies thinking of Maria and doesn't explode like most Sentai villains do.

Shaddam's death at the hands of Ryou- So far, this is for me the biggest "huh" in Dairanger.  So after the Earthshaking Jewel is gone to appease Daijinryu's wrath, Ryou decides to conclude their rivalry while the latter was out of suit.  After a knifing fight, we discover that Shaddam was actually made of mud which does leave us to think that perhaps, it was the judgment of Heaven that he was reduced to mud since he was perfectly aware he recreated some Gorma out of mud or revived them as mud statues.  Still, this left a speculative one but it's one of the best.  A very fitting death for a very cruel villain.

Yaiba's death at the hands of Bouken Black- For me this is MUCH more dramatic than Gure's death.  For one, Yaiba has been messing up with Masumi's life ever since as a child, it's been a torment that refuses to leave him and man Yaiba is one really depraved monster.  Compared to Gure, Yaiba has no sense of honor and will do anything to win.  In fact, I felt much more satisfied to see Yaiba die while I had some pity on Gure.

Juzo's death at the hands of Shinken Red- So Takeru Shiba has nothing left to fight for or is it?  Well he decides to wrap up his rivalry with Juzo once and for all.  So after Juzo is defeated, he doesn't have the standard, "I'm done, I'll explode." exit.  No, but rather while he tries to continue the fight, the Uramasa gets stuck at his foot (ouch) and he sees an ancestor of his before he perishes.

Barizorg's death at the hands of Gokai Blue- For me, this was another dramatic turn.  So we do learn that Barizorg was once Joe Gibken's best friend but they were turned enemies when he became Barizorg.  In the end, Joe figured out the only way to save him was to destroy him.

Basco's death at the hands of Gokai Red- This has to be the most powerful rivalry in Gokaiger.  So far, I could say, "Some respect I have for Gokaiger." because I berate the villains to be not exactly outstanding except for Basco.  Basco was once a friend to Marvelous/Gokai Red but he betrayed the crew for his own personal purposes.  For me, this battle was really, really powerful that it made me think I felt the sadness Gokai Red had when he killed him because unlike Barizorg who was brainwashed and crazy, Basco is all about free will betrayal.

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