A Comparison Between the Zyurangers and Their MMPR Season One Counterparts

So okay also part of the whole anniversary of Power Rangers honoring thing and for Power Rangers fans who support my work to promote the word about Super Sentai, here's a comparison. I'll admit I saw MMPR first before Zyuranger and there were some moments of me hating Power Rangers then regaining my soft spot and some shock value. Here goes...

Jason and Geki- I find them pretty standard for red rangers, both were professional leaders who truly cared about their teammates. Okay Jason does seldom sound like he's a caveman compared to Geki (which for me, Geki should have sounded like a caveman instead due to Zyuranger's theme is all prehistoric). But other than that, both of them were strong leaders. Both also tend to get shipped with the pink rangers of their show as well by fans. But for me Jason is closer to being Shiro in Bioman with his teammates. XD

Winner: Tie.

Zack and Goushi- This is one contrast of personalities. Zack was a happy go lucky, cheerful fighter who inveted hip hop kiddo compared to Goushi who is more serious and stern. But not that Goushi was stiff or anything, it's just that Goushi was more serious than Zack but not that Zack didn't take his job seriously either. I guess Goushi's not a good dancer huh? XD

Winner: Tie

Billy and Dan- So yeah, pretty much different. IMO I like Billy better than Dan. For me, Dan's okay I like him but I like Billy's concept better considering that he was pretty much the unbalanced nerd who learns to fight. I even think Billy's concept was taken into Renn in Go-onger as well. Although Billy seems to get the inventor aspect from Hokuto in Dynaman. Billy would love to meet the Dynamen, Dan may get bored with them.

Winner: Billy

Trini and Boi- Aside from gender, they were quite different. Boi was more plucky and playful, Trini had a more confident and strong woman who I thought was more based on the martial artist female yellows in the 80s like Mika and Jun from Bioman (the two yellow fours) and Haruka. Trini had initially a fear of heights which was easily conquered. Boi had enjoyable fight scenes. IMO Trini could stand a chance against Boi in a fight and it'll be hard to determine the winner since they both have their abilities.

Winner: Tie.

Kimberly and Mei- Yup both are pretty much different aside from looks or that Kimberly is really sizzling hot. Kimberly is viewed initially as a shallow, ditzy valley girl who matures while Mei being a warrior princess has a different direction. For me, Mei has actually more badass scenes out-of-suit compared to Kimberly and perhaps more witty. However Kimberly is also quite resourceful herself in battle even if she's not as badass as Mei is.

Winner: Tie

Tommy and Burai- Boy this is where I was having a mixed reaction. First, it shocked me there was no Burai x Mei and I was shipping them before I read much about Zyuranger and later saw it. The differences are huge and I was also shocked to learn that Burai was Geki's brother. What did not surprise me is that unlike Tommy, Burai was willingly evil and had a lifespan which further explained why Burai didn't always show up than Tommy being a backup. I was a Tommy fan but later grew to like Burai way better. IMO Tommy is just overrated and Burai is better.

Winner: Burai

So yeah here's my less biased comparison of both sides of the coin. Other than that, it's Toei's 20 year success of raking cash from Saban Entertainment and entering the American market. Plus I wont' do a Dairanger/MMPR comparison maybe except for a few areas.H