Most Disturbing Revelations in Super Sentai

Here's a collection of what I believe to be the most disturbing revelations in Super Sentai.  They are disturbing to me with all the nightmare fuel it provided and all.  These are...

Doctor Man's past in Bioman was one pretty disturbing revelation.  Hints of his past appear in episode 19 when the Prince appeared declaring himself the son of Doctor Man.  Doctor Man is revealed to be human when he introduces Prince as his only son and heir who was exposed to be a mecha human he created in place of his missing son.  In episodes 25-26 we later discover that Doctor Man was actually somebody who altered his mind with super science and became what he is and that scene was pretty freaky for me.  Pretty much, it continues to his rivalry with Shiro's estranged father Shinichiro who he was once former friends with.

The plot behind Bio Hunter Silver.  So we discover in episode 27 the very source of the power that killed Mika Koizumi all the way back in episode 10.  So it's all about Silver who was created to hunt down those with bio particles and what really triggered the war in the Planet Bio.  Yup, I felt like this guy was really scary, scarier than Doctor Man can ever get!

Bazoo actually had no concern whatsoever and his true self.  Yup I find it pretty surprising that he is actually a gigantic living planet that's been eating planets one after the other to feed himself for some reason.  I think that's just one scary nightmare fuel considering he's an enemy too huge.  In fact, Change Robo entering into his core to destroy him has to be a thriller moment.

Just everything about Zeba.  So I find it disturbing how despite him being obviously not human (while I assumed he was some kind of demon or mutant), everything about him being linked to the first Lethal Dobler really pure nightmare fuel.  In fact, every time somebody got closer to the truth he wanted that evidence destroyed and just to think just HOW MANY people has he killed to keep himself in power?  In fact, it's amazing to know how he's managed to brainwash Igam in a way.  Later we discover that every time somebody got closer to the truth of his origin, he bleeds that green ooze again hinting he's not human to the Underground Empire who perhaps out fear won't dare question his origins.  Later we are treated to the disturbing history behind him that he was spawned by the first Lethal Dobler, he even cannibalized his own parent to become more powerful and how much blood he's spilled under his brutal regime.  Wow good thing he was eventually killed by the Maskmen.

The anti-Flash phenomenon.  I found this pretty disturbing since the Flashmen are really putting their lives at risk to protect a world they are soon to leave.  This worked itself all the way to the plot in the finale where they chose to leave Earth than accept treatment from Dr. Lee Keflen which leads to a bittersweet ending.

What Grand Professor Bias does to his students and his actual age.  Yup he is really an old man but he kept himself younger with previous 11 brains he collected before he decided he would try to become the supreme emperor of the world.  He's been manipulating everyone to get the 1,000 IQ points to the point he even created robots who believed they were aliens.  Later we discovered how he got the brains of students who got 1,000 points to which Mazenda was ready for it.  Hmmm... I do find that really disturbing he's been collecting human brains all along!

Kemp's pathway to darkness.  He was once best friends with Yuusuke but unlike any villain who was brainwashed and crazy, he CHOOSES to be evil by submitting himself to Bias.  Also how loyal he became to Bias' caus was something to the point he even gave up his humanity for his master.  Well he did rebel at the last minute as a spirit.

The revelation behind Vulgyre.  I was crept out to realize that Vulgyre the entire battleship was a real living organism.  In fact, its insides are pretty scary I peed watching the revelation when it was revealed that Empress Meadow was just an illusion projected by the battleship itself.  Oh boy, think about all the goosebumps you'll get realizing your whole shelter was living organism.  Worse, he even manipulated Chevalier for some time into gathering all the deaths needed since he feeds on death by draining planets off their life.  After that, Chevalier's death was all that was needed for him to transform into his final form.

Maybe everything about Radiguet.  To this guy has every chance he got to be good yet he throws it aside.  Also what makes it disturbing is that he has his reasons to destroy other civilizations claiming them to be bastards and Earth would not be spared from his self-righteous judgment.  Maybe I should mention the fact he eventually had feelings for Maria which is pretty disturbing considering the fact she's human and he supposedly hates humans.  Worse, it doesn't get any better when he actually will do anything to kill people he hates even turn them against each other.  Worse, we realize that he's definitely never going to let anything stop him in reaching his goals even when he told the Jetmen where Juuza's weak spot was just so he could mercilessly kill her later which is proof he really doesn't have a sense of gratitude and is really that self-serving.

The revelation of Geki having a brother named Burai.  So pretty much we discover the sixth Zyuranger and the story behind both brothers.  So Burai has been jealous of his brother Geki because of the hard life he lived and the fact Geki was adopted by the Yamato King.  So Geki's past is pretty much a mystery until we learn of Burai and that Geki's true father was the Black Knight. Burai saw their father die before his eyes and Burai had nothing but revenge.  So it does create the disturbing rivalry that went for six episodes (I love to call it the Green with Evil episodes of Zyuranger).  Yup Burai has been evil at his own free will here where he laughs pretty disturbingly or how much zeal he has to destroy the Zyurangers, eventually he has the guts to attack Bandora.  Also we learn of Burai's disturbing revelation of his limited lifespan which for me didn't make things any better or why he had it.

The reason why Bandora snapped.  Really, this is something I felt like was disturbing to know she was once a queen at her own right and had a son named Kai.  So what we discover later is that her son was killed by a dinosaur and that she had a pact with Dai Satan leading to the scary witch she is today.

The imperial court of the Gorma in Dairanger was another.  So it shocked me to learn that Zaidos was made of clay then that the Gara we know was a fake one.  It was revealed that the Gara of the Gorma was a clone of the real Gara but she may have had memories of the real one if she was the real Gara's other half which can make sense.  The biggest revelations were that of the Gorma Emperor that he was made of clay which may assume that Shadam knows spirit transfer- that he transferred certain spirits into clay bodies to revive the Gorma.  What is later revealed is that those who gain the power of the Gorma Emperor become insane which Shaddam and the Emperor are.  The final most disturbing revelation has to be Shadam's- so he is very unkind to his own family just so he can become Emperor and will even go as far as to harm his own sons to get what he wants.  What was more disturbing was that Shadam turned out to be made of clay himself and he was pretty surprised opening these possibilities- Shadam learned spirit transfer but forgot he was using a clay body or the real Shadam created a fake one to continue his legacy.  But I'd go for my theory that Shadam learned spirit transfer since the Gorma carried memories of the fake but only got a portion of Gara's soul in creating the fake Gara.

The kind of bad mother Grandienne is.  Wow she really seems to be a reflection of real life bad mothers who would even kill their own children to grab power.  It really gets scary to know how she is Minus Energy itself which was a plot omitted from the adaptation Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.  I haven't seen much of Gogo V but I wish I can soon so I'll find out why she's so fearsome and why Fantasy Leader was scared of her. XD

The manipulation of events behind by Ryuya.  So while Dolnero existed as the show's recurring villain but of all things, he turns out to be the bad guy behind the scenes!  Wow, talk about the fact that while he is a descendant of Tatsuya, he is villainous so I wonder how in the world did this happen?!  Timeline events were manipulated by him perhaps leading the VS. Timeline, whatever but he is pretty much a bastard with what he has been doing all these time!

The revelation that Tsuetsue shared.  After Tsuetsue was revived the first time during the end of Gaoranger, she revealed that the Orgs' main purpose is to serve the Highness Orgs even to use their bodies to serve him.  She revealed that after Yabaiba mentioned to her that it was Rasetsu who killed her.

The fact that Yaiba of the Darkness was manipulating the darkness within Masumi Inou.  Wow, I thought his past with Masumi was the more serious part of Boukenger.  While Ryuon's battle with Satoru was nothing more than a conflict of justice and a twisted concept of justice (a la Ryu vs. Radiguet), here Yaiba is downright a SOB with what he did.  He killed much of Masumi's companions, he manipulated Masumi all the time and the fact that he was going to use the latter to fulfill his plans is plain disturbing.  In fact, I think that kind of cruelty even outmatches the Questers and Ryuon.

Long's manipulation of events in Gekiranger.  Really how long as this bastard been around?  The fact that he really was pretending to submit to Rio but was really responsible for a lot of events like the death of Jan's father Dan, really makes it disturbing.  Should I mention I was shocked he was immortal?  Well I hope we don't hear from him for a long time.

Takeru Shiba as a shadow warrior.  Although there were some foreshadows like "I didn't know the lord was a woman." and that worked its way through Kaoru, not everything was revealed so easily.  So pretty much, while I considered Ryunosuke's reaction to Mako to be nothing more than a funny moment, Kaoru appears and it's revealed that he was a shadow warrior assigned to pretend to be the real head to protect Kaoru until she masters the sealing technique.  Well then we have that stupid adoption plot XD.

Buredoran's manipulation of events in Goseiger.  So I didn't really expect this of him then again I didn't expect it from Long either.

Basco's past with the Gokaigers.  So he was once friends with Aka Red and Marvelous and then he betrays them out of cold blood.  Really what's this guy up to?  Well he got a well-deserved death with his final battle with Gokai Red.