Radiguet's Chances of Redemption

What makes Radiguet interesting (and despicable) as a villain was that unlike most Sentai SOBs who seem to be evil for evil's sake, this guy actually some chances for redemption.  When given that chance, he throws it away making him more hatefully cruel than he was already at the start.  So here they are...

During the time Radiguet had amnesia as a result of being punished severely by Juuza for treason, he slowly falls for Saki a girl who could have died if it wasn't for his latent power.  So he was falling in love with her but later, he realized who he really was.  He even helped the Jetmen (for now) recognize the weak spot of Juuza. Saki wanted him to be good but at his own free will, he KILLED her so he could stay the self-righteous, judgmental and insane villain he is.

The second time was when he was demoted to being a servant again during Tranza's reign.  So what happened was that Tranza fed him to Veronica which ironically allowed him to absorb such power until he finally became more batshit crazy than he was at the start.  So he helps the Jetmen, yeah but only because he wanted revenge on Tranza.  I mean, he could have redeemed himself there but again, he chose to save the Jetmen so he can kill them later.

In Jetman 47, he had some certain degree of respect to Red Hawk but he really threw away this chance of redemption so he can actually get even with Tranza.  For me, the whole episode showed he had every change to change but again, he goes crazy like this...

Rather than change, he reveals he intends to staying the way he is, a self-righteous villain who justifies his evil by saying everyone who dies at his hands deserves it.  So he manages to cheat on Ryu who gained his trust so he can get even at Tranza.  Really, he could have used that moment to redeem himself but instead, he chooses to remain as cruel and callous as he already is which worked itself to his ultimate demise in the finale.