Sixth Rangers I Thought Really Made the Plots Better

Not all sixth rangers are really good, some of them just enter for the sake of adding one more (like Genta) but these guys made the plot better IMO:

Burai- He brought some conflict to the show rather than just boring plots, like when he actually willingly joined Bandora in contrast to Tommy's under Rita's spell or two, he was also the older brother of Geki.  The six part arc was really very well written considering he had an uneasy alliance with Bandora and his backstory with Geki.  Pretty much, I thought this guy made Zyuranger more interesting.

Kou- Well don't underestimate this guy just because he's a kid, he's got a very important plot aside from the Won Tiger's addition.  He is the son of Shadam by a Daos woman and the twin brother of Akomaru.  I thought his arrival and Akomaru's arrival brought more interesting conflict in Dairanger plus the fact he is Shadam's son makes it more interesting to watch.  He's not just a random kid chosen to become the white ranger, nope he really had plot contribution.  So yeah get lost all Kou haters!

Naoto Takizawa- His role as Time Fire was something considering he had some issues with Tatsuya Asami.  Also what makes him interesting is that he later learns to get along with them and how he developed as a character or how he was actually manipulated by Ryuuya so he can die in the latter's place.

Shirogane- For me, this guy made Gaoranger more interesting than it already was.  Well for one, he was possessed by Loki and he did that self-sacrifice, he was sealed away then later he faces Loki and Ura.  For me, being the only Gaoranger from 1,000 years ago is something.  So yeah, I thought he and Sae might have some chemistry despite the huge time jump. XP

Tetsu Aira- Dekaranger was interesting as it was, the fact he was sent to assist the Dekarangers in fighting the Alienizers starting with the Hell Siblings added more plot for me.  Also, good thing he's not there just to be there but the fact he learns to get along with them despite their differences is something.

Gai Ikari- The Gokaigers really needed somebody who knew much about Super Sentai and Gai Ikari is that guy.  Okay he is a comedy effect but you have to admit, he made the show interesting with his knowledge of Super Sentai and somebody fans could relate to.


  1. Megasilver was a good filler character as he was introduced and acted bit of a role model for the Highschool Seniors. Hyuuga did not had a 3-6 parter intro but I felt he got the show moving quicker.
    Boukensilver had a good back story and served well as s additional ally.

    King Ranger meant well but after the 2 parter intro he was just a action fixture. He was only written as a bodyguard and enforcer.


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