My Favorite Joyful Revelations in Super Sentai Besides the Final Battle is Won

Well here's some of my collection of joyful revelations in Super Sentai aside from the final defeat of villains...

Shima being restored to who she truly was after Buuba supposedly "killed" her.

Gator reforms and lives to tell the tale.  Felt so happy for him after he was reunited with his family.  Same with Gyodai as well.

The unity of the Igam twins.  Yup it was nice to see Igam finally seeing the light.  I mean I really thought she would have to die causing much more pain to her sister Ial.

The truth that the Fivemen's parents were still alive was for me was a shocker but a pleasant one indeed.  Well it was somewhat hinted they were still alive because of the arrival of Star Five.  I believe they recovered their stranded parents too.

Burai's reconciliation with Geki though sadly this wouldn't last long due to his 30 hours to live condition.  Yet despite Burai's death, he got to the land of death in peace when a young boy named Kota was saved.

The fact that Kou was saved from becoming a Gorma.  But a bitter note was that his mother died and he was never reconciled to his brother Akomaru nor to their father Shaddam.

Tsurihime's father's redemption in the end.

Tatsuya's reconciliation with his father. Though let's leave the note that he may never see his friends again until the Legend War.

The Magirangers reunited with their father who was brainwashed and crazy as Wolzard.

Takeru Shiba's return to lead the finale in Shinkenger.

Mako's reconcilation with her parents.

Toshihide Wakamatsu guest starring in Gokaiger 28.  Well as much as I personally had problems with that episode with how I think Gai Ikari was treated unfairly (script-wise) but the fact he made a focus than a cameo makes it worthwhile.

The Gokaigers giving the Ranger powers back to their rightful owners after the end of Gokaiger.

Gai Ikari not dying and leaving us so soon like Gai Yuki did as it was rumored that he will.  I wonder if this should be in here.

I would say I missed a lot here so feel free to land in some constructive criticisms via comments and also share your favorite moments.