My Thoughts on Some Super Sentai Producers

Here's the complete list of Super Sentai producers from Shougo's blog.  On the other hand, here's a few I can really talk more or less of what I think of them because I've seen the shows:

Well here's the guy responsible for the production of huge amount of outstanding shows and well "experimental seasons" or for the Hirohisa Soda of Super Sentai, when Sentai was getting its foundations built.  I guess he and Soda really were a team as well as with Toshiki Inoue (for Jetman) and the late Noboru Sugimura.

Perhaps top of Fantasy Leader's list, he was with the Carranger, Megaranger and Gingaman era.  I don't like the idea why Toei fired him in the middle of Hibiki.  When we think of it, he was responsible for three shows- one that supposedly saved Sentai from cancellation namely Carranger, Megaranger and Yasuko Kobayashi's magnum in writing, Gingaman.  Kamen Rider Kuuga (with Arakawa) was a great success.  So yeah, it sucks he's gone.

He started producing really good works and was also part of Junki Takegami's two works- GogoFive and Go-onger which kind of contrast each other.  If I'm to talk it's either hit or miss with his ideas.  For some reason, Goseiger's the only one in the list I'm not particularly a fan of.  On the other hand, I should credit him for Akibaranger.

Well pretty much he has my favorites in the list- Dekaranger is one of my top favorites, Magiranger is well for me another good series and Gekiranger is pretty much another awesome series for me. For Kamen Rider, with him as the producer for both W and Fourze makes it no surprise why the two shows shared a lot of things in common.

So he's currently with the comical ToQGer (but really, they should try to get Arakawa to be the sub-writer for the series).  S far he's responsible behind Shinkenger and Gokaiger, two series I thought were the last to make an impact on me before I considered withdrawing from Super Sentai while leaving it to the kiddies to enjoy.

Ah... I think I can't really hate her since she was responsible behind Kiva and OOO, or recently Gaim but she really just did suck big time with Gobusters.  Either her concepts were not that good (but the whole show for me is more watchable than Kyoryuger) or Yasuko Kobayashi just burned out really bad that time.  Other than that, I don't really count her as terrible.

So girls are weak?  Really that's why Kyoryuger is terrible. =/


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