Super Sentai and Kamen Rider Team Ups

Well here's a history (from what I know) of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai teaming up.  Now here's how it went:

In JAKQ vs. Goranger, Kamen Rider was mentioned but never appeared on-screen.  Granted, Shotaro Ishinomori was also the producer of Goranger and JAKQ which didn't join the Super Sentai list until later.

Kamen Rider with Super Sentai had appeared in the stage shows though you might find them also teaming up with Metal Heroes, Ultraman (which belongs to Tsubaraya and not Toei) as well as Doraemon (as pictured above).  However note these are stage shows, not TV program broadcasts.  Hmmm just funny really that President Nobita from the Philippines isn't here in the crossover. =P  By the way, I don't like Japanese Spiderman.  Stage shows are not official to their show's continuity.

Years later, Saban did try something on-screen rather than a stage show to promote his rather failed version of Masked Rider.  It's unfair not to credit Saban for this one considering that Power Rangers started the idea of bringing it on TV rather than just keeping it on stage.  So you might say this is an important stage that we just can't ignore.  Toei did it on stage, Saban tried to conceptualize it on TV and did it.  Probably Saban wanted to support Toei all the more.  I would say the idea was pretty good but the execution was terrible.

The Shinkengers then appeared in Kamen Rider Decade (a reversal of MMPR's Friend in Need) which for me was slightly better than Friend in Need.  So yeah, I thought I just can't hate either of them compared to a real disaster that came much later.  Friend in Need had potential, the Shinkenger arc in decade fixed a few things but it's either hit or miss!  Hmmm speaking of Saban, I wonder why did the Power Rider project get junked into oblivion?  Did Toei and Saban both agree it's better not to go through with it?  Interesting that after this arc, Black RX followed.

The Super Hero Taisen movies.  The first movie was really far more terrible even than "A Friend in Need" arc of MMPR.  It was too terrible it reminded me of my bad side in writing that botches up my writing stories.  Super Hero Taisen was focused on the supposed war between Kamen Riders and Super Sentai.  Super Hero Taisen Z mixed up other heroes.  Regardless both movies are just not my cup of tea.  The only "good" thing in SHT was seeing Maskman and Black team up for a while but that's just it.  Shoji Yonemura is otherwise better known as the "Patrick Star of Toei".  The second movie was better but not great.  Overall why can't they just make a Super Robot Wars-esque game out of it instead than a feature film?

Then we have the Toqger vs. Gaim special.  I really don't enjoy Toqger and I am yet to see Gaim but still, the crossover is more decent than its predecessors.


  1. No wonder Naoya Makoto and Hiroshi Fujioka didn't reprise their roles in Super Hero Taisen, it was crap

  2. I really felt like Kamen Rider should have been mentioned somewhere in the series Akibarangers. Maybe with the rumor of a possible season 3 - we'll get some connection like that.

    It feels like cross-overs with Super Sentai and Kamen Rider really began (to be serious) with Shinkenger and Decade. So, naturally, it's all Decade's fault.


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