Goseiger Epic 11- Datas Goes Large

I think this is an awesome at the same time hilarious episode for me. Why? Well here's what...

The episode has another Moune/Gosei Yellow focus. I think she's a very likable character. She is into the funny cheerdancing- at least Sentai shouldn't get too serious. Also, she is encouraged not to give up in the fight against Yokubabanga who's been using a LOT of electricity. Just imagine the blackout the city suffers. Hmmm I wonder why the Sentai universe hasn't collapsed despite the years of different attacks from different enemies? Fans decide... LOL.

The fact that Moune has a little girl named Miku to take care off reminds me of the episode in Jetman where Ako also encountered a hospital girl who needed an operation. Moune defeats the enemy through her cheerdancing which is kind of funny at the same time awesome. Who could remember the dance attacks in Gekiranger?

The fact is there's also a major catastrophe as people's lives are in danger as power goes down. Why? Hospitals need power and fortunately Datas is there to help. Hmm... I wonder why previous androids PR or Sentai alike hasn't done something like that? Maybe they did but we never saw them. LOL.

Anyway our own "Alpha V" shows some rather good use. Not only is he an assistant android sent by Gosei Head to aid them as a mentor, he would be in par with Ninjaman, Gunmajin and Zubaan as extra heroes who can enlarge to help the rangers.

With the hyper change Data card, Datas is able to save the day with his new form. I kind of think that this is kind of a Ninjaman return.


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