A Little Bit of Maskman Behind the Scenes

Here are some photos of Maskman behind the scenes in the past:

Putting on the Maskman suits for a picture taking maybe?

A wacky photo of some of the cast members behind the scenes. So Fuumin survived? Ha ha! A good picture indeed.

Mina Asami and some woman I don't know acting as Ial with Ryosuke Kaizu.

A photo like this always made me think that they would have made a good couple in the script instead of Ial. If I'm not wrong, Kanako Maeda is married to Yasuhiro Ishiwata but I'm yet to be proven right or wrong about it.


  1. These are so cool! I like how the girls make fun of Takeru. Where's Kenta and Akira by the way? I do agree, Momoko and Takeru would have been a good pairing. Sigh!

    BTW, I think I saw the actor who played Takeru here in Cebu last year. I was eating with my friends in a Japanese restaurant at a mall.

  2. I love that pick with Fuumin and the others. Looks like they truly had fun making the show! ^__^

  3. mask red takeru has remind me some famous star style in 80s'


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