My Early Thoughts on the Goseigers and Their Allies

It's too early to throw in judgments for the Goseigers but I kind of felt like there's something about each one of them...

Alata/Gosei Red- I think Alata is what I'd call somebody who's still struggling as a leader but displays competent skills nonetheless. Hopefully he'll mature as a leader.

Eri/Gosei Pink- I think she may have a chemistry with Alata. She is almost the stereotypical smart female pink ranger, being the one to assess the situations but unlike them, she is a bolder fighter while most pink rangers didn't have much of combat prowess and relied on a LOT less brute force in battle. She's kind of a little bit of the funny girl of the group at times.

Agri/Gosei Black- I think he is the cool guy but the fact that he takes pride in his strength can get annoying at times (for me). I don't know but for some reason, I think he's a fusion of Zack and Adam from MMPR. He's cool as Zack and prideful as Adam.

Moune/Gosei Yellow- Despite being the youngest, fortunately she's more straightforward than the "big babies" like Ako in Jetman and Natsuki in Boukenger. She is focused on maturing as a Goseiger and I think she's a more likable character than her brother Gosei Black. I kind of think I'll hang out for awhile as a male fan because of her. She kinda looks a little Western to me.

Hyde/Gosei Blue- Being the lone member of the Hyde tribe makes me think that's why he he tries to keep the group together, maybe because he doesn't want to lose the others like he lost his partner in the past as revealed in Epic 10.

Their allies:

Master Head- I think he is almost like Zordon to an extent except he's not located in a command center and he's not very active either. Revive Zordon anybody?

Datas- He's actually a badass assistant android that he can actually grow giant and defeat a monster of the week despite his childish behavior like most assistant androids.

Professor Amachi- I think he is putting a purpose to funny sidekicks rather than just being a push-aside like Professor Phenomenus, Bulk and Skull. He's actually giving the Goseigers a place to hang out and he helps them out whatever the problem may be.

Nozomu Amachi- I think he should be a rather interesting character, seeing that unlike most children, he appears frequently as a morale to the group.


  1. Still haven't seen a single episode of Goseiger yet. Is it worth watching? Is it good as lots of people say?

  2. They're quite an interesting group of characters.

  3. @DancingAlienDude- For me it's kind of good.

  4. Hey, guys. I havent been on in a LONG while.

    I only LOVE the siblings, Agri and Moune.
    I guess it is because I can relate to Agri. We are sorta similar and I am an Oniichan.

    Hyde is okay for me.

    I dont like the Skyics too much though they do have some funny moments.

  5. I've only watched 2 episodes of Goseiger, and it looks good so far. I'm not going to bother for waiting for episodes to come out because I'm going to wait for the season to finish, and then watch it.

  6. before goseiger showed up, somebody has written its story in a site, and when i read it, i think it will look like boukenger, because:
    1) akashi-sakura are good partner for each other in boukenger, and alata-eri also are good partner for each other and they come from sky world together
    2) agri-moune are also good friend, similar to masumi-natsuki. Moreover, boukenblack used hammer as weapon, and boukenyellow used shovel as weapon, they seem like landick weapon, similar to agri-moune who comes from land world
    do you agree with me?

  7. @Sakura- In case you forgot, Agri and Moune are siblings.


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