Sentai's Nuisance Enemies

Sentai has a couple of enemies I'd love to call "nuisance enemies". They fought against the heroes and against the main villains, mostly without any affiliation which I think are an interesting twist. Here are some I can remember:

Silver in Bioman arrived in episode 39 and used the anti-bio particles which WAY back in episode 10 became the cause of Mika's death. He was truly an imposing nuisance to both Biomen and the Gear as he could negate their powers in an easy shot. He was also responsible for the death of Mason prior to his own death at the hands of the Biomen in episode 50.

Kiros in Maskman was truly an imposing foe who was a sideline enemy since he didn't serve Zeba but worked for his own purposes. Not only did he destroy the Shot Bomber but many times, he nearly spelled the end of the Maskman team with plans that were far more evil than Baraba's or Igam's. His only weakness was his hatred for Red Mask because he lusted after Ial's beauty. In the end, he died a victim of greed when a sword impaled him after Ial was released.

Perhaps the shortest lived nuisance characters, Mu, Ramu and Gogu opposed both the Jetmen and Vyram. They were in fact that strong it nearly spelled the end of the Jetman team. They appeared for only three episodes. Mu for one episode, Ramu and Gogu for two episodes. Ramu and Gogu were fused into one being and were destroyed by the Hyper Haken. Perhaps an inspiration for the Questers of Boukenger.

Bomber the Great in Ohranger was not only a regular nuisance character but he temporarily took over the Baranoia Empire as its unofficial ruler which was a plan he failed to do before. He was almost unstoppable and he was an even greater threat than Bacchus Wrath who was destroyed except for the head. In fact, I was kind of scared every time he faced the Ohrangers as if he carried an anti-tetrahedron energy supply within his body. However he was overthrown by Maruchiwa who used a love arrow which forced him to fight to the death. I think Silver may have been his inspiration. I even fantasized he was part of the opposition that caused the Bio Star to explode. :-P

Juzo was an interesting character with a an unsatisfied lust for blood. Also, he was the type to do the job the dirty way, sided with a traitor named Akumaro and betray him later. He also had a potential relationship with Dayu. He was more of the type to wish nothing more than combat, while being paid for killing. He fell at the hands of Shinken Red and faded away after an intense battle.

Basco as for Gokaiger also is included in this list. He has no allegiance to Zangyack either. He is sort of like a more upgraded version of Kiros with his own goals. A real dynamic villain that beats the Zangyack off. I just thought his backstory with Marvelous was pretty interesting and how he died was well-written.

Updated on: February 28, 2012

Comment: Perhaps it was this idea that influenced to create multiple factions later on in Boukenger as each faction fought each other for leadership against the others.


  1. Yep, Bomber the Great was such an awesome villain, and a interesting twist in Ohranger.

  2. These guys were kickass! They could handle both the heroes and the villains for a good portion of the shows! =D

  3. I believe Basco may count in this list as well.


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