Sentai Combining Robots that Didn't Use Sword Finishers

Somehow it has come to my attention that the swords were frequently used by the combining robots were the swords. I think it's because the sword is the most common weapon in warfare, a symbol of justice and power. However some Super Sentai combining robots had an innovation not to use swords. They are:

Kakuranger's Kakure Daishogun didn't use any sword at all. It simply used a punch attack but this was a secondary combining mecha though.

Carranger's second combining robot VRV Robo used the rolling guns from the Victory Trailer to destroy the enemy instead of the sword to avoid being redundant.

The Megavoyager used a rocket attack to defeat its enemies.

Gaoranger had plenty of combining mecha but NONE used a sword finisher except for the Gaoking Sword and Shield mode which apparently is a tribute to Daizyujin.

The Dekawinger Robo reconfigured into a cannon to destroy the enemy.

Gekiranger's combining mechas didn't use a sword. In fact, the first combining mecha Juken Giant Geki Toja uses a staff to finish off its opponents.


  1. Not using swords is always interesting. :)

  2. Samurai Ha-Oh with his Mojikara Dai Dan En

    sure doesn't use a sword as a finisher.

  3. why no grandliner? why no victory mars? they're cool imo


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