Go-onger's Seminar on Environmental Awareness

It's past Earth day but... this is a whole year round topic.

If there was any Sentai that focused more on the environment, it was Go-onger and I find them to be more awesome than the Planeteers. Were there any pollution-related episodes in Sentai? Here are some I can remember:
  • Bioman episode six featured Mika Koizumi (RIP) finding out that New Empire Gear was planning to destroy life on Earth with a deadly toxic gas.
  • Turboranger episode six featured where Reda released Licking Bouma to create trash zombies out of pollution proving you reap what you sow. By the way, pollution broke the seal and released the Bouma.
  • Fiveman episode thirty eight featured Chevalier planning to use Galactic Beast Ammonitum to pollute the Earth with a dangerous red tide.
  • Zyuranger episode forty five featured Bandora taking advantage of an environmentalist.
  • Gaoranger episode forty reveals Futaro's/Gao God's concern that most humans don't care about the environment.
So far I enjoyed the lecture remembering how my biology teacher in High School would discuss very well. Was the writer a biologist? Hmmm so far here were the following lectures:
  • Renn discusses on water pollution in which Sosuke attempts to do so. He also shows that oil and water can't be mixed and that dirty water causes illnesses. Regardless how hard Sosuke shakes the bottle, the oil and water don't mix.
  • Hant discusses about clean air which Gunpei is made to exercise in a room filled with dirty air and it slows down his performance over Sosuke who is in a room of clean air.
  • Saki is sadly unaware she has to discuss about soil pollution but shows its effects. She shows mutated strawberries from polluted soil showing how soil pollution can affect the food we eat while she made strawberries grown from clean soil. I wouldn't dare eat those mutated strawberries.
Anyway the special ends with a rather crazy but awesome battle between Sosuke and the gay Kokorootomedes and that when Gunpei wants to have a lecture, it's out of time. :-P