Sentai's "Catwomen"

Sentai had its own list of Catwomen too. Here are some I can remember:

Sentai's first catwoman was Farrah Cat who served as Farrah's personal bodyguard. She was unusually strong for a woman that she gave the female warriors in the Bioman team a hard time. Her most dynamic fight scene has to be with Mika Koizumi in episode two as she displayed a lot of acrobatic moves played along with a very nice theme. She has also fought against the males but not as often as the females. In the movie, she had assistance from three more fighters that were killed by the female rangers in battle. She was killed in the last episode by a full blast from the female rangers Yellow 4 2 and Pink 5 after being wounded by the male rangers while attempting to stop the Biomen from reaching Dr. Man who was going to destroy the Earth with the Neo Bomb. In fact, I believe Filipino fans could easily recognize her actress as Cynthia Luster provided they were born after Bioman.

Nefel from Flashman was a catwoman who used less action and more thinking. She was assisted by...

Wolk and Kit were both bodyguards to Nefel who frequently fought the female rangers in Flashman.

Fuumin in Maskman was another catwoman. She reminded me of Farrah Cat a lot as she served the mistress of deception Princess Igam (she is a servant of the Igam family) and did more fighting than her mistress, which should at least get the Maskmen suspicious of the Princess' guise as a man. Haruka/Yellow Mask more than any of the others. She was a servant of the Igam clan as well. Her shurikens are dangerous and so are her daggers. In the end, she died protecting Princess Igam in an act of nobility and devotion when the Earth Castle was about to emerge as Zeba planned.

Zaza in Fiveman was a close copy to Farrah Cat as she did more fighting than her mistress Dordora who like Farrah used deceptive tactics but she did use blades like Fuumin. She had a two round match against Remi/Five Yellow in episode four when the Earth got drunk. She won the first round which Remi fell into the water turned into saki. The second round is that she was defeated by drunken boxing. She reveals her species were born from eggs so it's possible that her planet was held hostage by Vulgyre in exchange for her service. She met her demise when she was forcibly fused by Vulgyre into her mistress Dordora to form Rose Dolgin which was defeated by the newly repaired Star Five.

This feline team of five are Ayame, Sakura, Suiren, Lily and Ran who are fall females. They gave the Kakuranger team more problems because of their rather agile attacks. Strangely enough, Keiko Hayase was in the group too. The Kakurangers turned them back to regular cats. I believe Farrah Cat's bodyguards in the movie inspired the creation of this group.

I think the last should be Shizuka of the Wind in Boukenger of the Dark Shadow part of the Negative Syndicate. Like Nefel, she wasn't that action oriented, she was more of a mistress of deceit and disguise like Maria was in Jetman and she was probably less evil. She was also the only catwoman to be very childish indeed and the only one so far as to survive in normal form after the series ended. She seems to have an on/off relationship with Souta/Bouken Blue. She was the only lone catwoman not to frequently rival the female yellow ranger of the show, although she and Natsuki Mamiya fought in the opening of the movie. I wonder if she and Yaiba were ever lovers before she was betrayed by him?


  1. I wish we could see more of these types of villains. When done right, the cat women could really kickass!

  2. how come zaza, farrah cat and fuumin's rivals are all the yellow rangers? hahahaha. :))


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