Black Condor: Unique Hero

Actually though I never liked Guy Yuuki/Black Condor in Jetman that much (since Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk is my favorite), but I feel like he deserves a tribute as probably the most unique hero in super sentai which I think will be hard to duplicate.

He's the first male one to be actually the tough, stubborn type who later cooperates. He was chosen to be a Jetman but refuses to face his destiny and runs off which is reminiscent to Mika Koizumi/Yellow 4 1 of Bioman (RIP). He later realizes he is needed but also keeps some of his bad habits which makes him the "black sheep" thus his black color.

His personality is much like Joe from Gatchaman- the one who is far more daring than the leader, less tendency to lose his temper and loves a good challenge. Plus, he is also having the "darkness" within him since he starts off as a low life who finds light resulting to becoming a Jetman.
He also does fall in love with Kaori Rokumen who falls in love with Ryu which makes a bizarre incident happen. So he does hate Ryu Tendo more for that which there is MUCH rivalry between them. The two didn't compete much on love but rather on power. He's the first sentai member to dare question orders just like Joe Asakura in Gatchaman.

His affections for Kaori Rokumen are silly- it was love at first slap probably because she was the only girl with that much iron will- the rest were easy prey. It seems Ako Hayasaka had a crush on him but it's not the case either because she refused to kiss him when they got "married" during the Vacuum Jigen episode. Time did come he and Kaori Rokumen enter into a relationship but it wouldn't last either.

So again, he tries to quit the team together with Kaori Rokumen during the short-term Ashu invasion but he does return to his senses. What's really awesome is that he used to be the one not to make sense now talks sense into Ryu Tendo which is ironic! Well the two put their rivalries aside and become close friends.

He later gives up on Kaori Rokumen but chooses to remain friends with her as they always would be teammates. During the time Ryu Tendo becomes a vampire, it is implied he gave up on Kaori Rokumen entrusting her to take care of Ryu Tendo.
Towards the end, he settles his rivalry with Gure which was one AWESOME battle. In a moment of irony, he granted Gure's death wish, lit a cigar for his old rival before leaving his dead opponent. At the final battle, he does what is ordered with a painful heart.
Actually I think his supposed "death" in the final episode was not senseless but random. Here he tries to save a woman and he is seemingly stabbed (but he could still be alive in the canon while the Manga states he's dead.) However by looking at the fact that the knife might have just wounded his side or that there was no blood gushing out (well the Manga doesn't make sense ) unlike Maria who really had blood when she was impaled or Radiguet vomited blood at the final battle, it is suggestive that he might have just merely passed out because he was in a hurry. Well you decide...

Later on, some of Toei's writers tried to rip him off (but it wasn't as great) especially in adding the character of Inou Masumi/Bouken Black in Boukenger who was somewhat like him in terms of being stubborn and a dirty fighter plus having a cold rival. But unlike him, Inou Masumi is not a womanizer. However both of them are categorized black sheep with a childish female sidekick and a cold opponent to fight with.


  1. for me gai is not dead. he may be dead in the manga epilogue, though i only accept that as a what-if scenario if gai is dead

  2. According to Gokaiger, he is dead.


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