Burai: Zyuranger's Tragedy

Okay he is the FIRST official sixth member but he's the first one to die too. I don't know why Toei decided to kill him off but I think it had to do with the script. He was a fan favorite and overall- my favorite Zyuranger.

So don't get this mistaken for those newbies here- he DOES not become Kibaranger. Kibaranger is from Dairanger which is another series. This is Zyuranger respectively.

His story starts as the son of the Black Knight and the brother of Geki the Tyrano Ranger. Unlike in MMPR, he has his powers from the start and he was only eight when he saw his baby brother being given to the Yamato King and later his own father die. Swearing vengeance, he was consumed by the darkness present in him that it resulted him to hating his younger brother.

He was put into suspended animation in a cave which one day, Ryota a member of ancient mankind released him which caused so much trouble. He nearly destroyed Daizyujin from within while it had trouble battling Griforther and this came into Bandora's attention who is NOT the source of his power. He was able to outclass Griforther even when unmorphed. He was then offered the powerful Sword of Darkness by Bandora.

Because Geki could not kill his own brother, Bandora took advantage of this even to enlarge him and defeat Daizyujin with the help of Griforther and Lami. He wanted to take Bandora's power but BAD MOVE- she was an extremely powerful sorceress! He was banished into Earth and met Clotho who kept him alive since his powers were needed. He got his Zyusoken and awakened the Dragon Caesar which even outlasted Griforther and Lami.

The thing is he and his brother Geki had to fight. However, his repentance led him to the light but he realized his life was short so he didnt really fight for how many episodes. By his change of heart and mind, he converted to the light and the Sword of Darkness got destroyed. He joined the team as the official sixth member but there was no way though, that he could stay alive without being in the lapseless room where time stands still.

Well his time was really running out. Fortunately he had already changed his heart enough to enter into bliss. He saw one day that he would die together with a boy. Bandora finally found his lapseless room and destroyed it without mercy. Just then his time was up as the green candle signified his last moments. The Zyurangers did succeed in getting the Water of Life. However he refused and chose to let a young boy live proving his change of heart was indeed there.

Before he died, he handed over his power to his younger brother as so Dragon Caesar could still aid the Zyurangers. This is really the SADDEST scene ever. I really wanted Bandora to die for this one!

Although many wanted to bring him back to life, the writers of Toei refused to. Instead, he was kept dead. It made more sense. But it was a real sad thing that my favorite Zyuranger passed out and such tragedies would continue with Timeranger's Time Fire and Hurricanger's Shurikenger. It's no wonder why some preferred to stick to MMPR than Zyuranger because of his loss.


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