Sentai Big Bads I Think Have Horrible Leadership Skills

Okay these aren't wacky or silly big bads, I'd just say these big bads are really having poor leadership (some of them can be credited for being abusive or treating their underlings like garbage while some people who seem silly do better leadership skills as villains) skills and I'll explain why.  Want to add?  Please comment. =)

Zeba- He basically treats everyone like trash and is too easy to punish everyone for their failures.  Worst leadership act?  Throwing away Igam, Fumin and Oyobur as disposables!  And I wonder why Igam so flaunts over this maniac for some time?!

Grand Professor Bias- Well he's always biased at everyone, name speaks for what he is.  Seriously he treats his subordinates as expendable pawns and he's got one huge inflated ego.  Not even Dr. Man or Dr. Hinelar did treat their subordinates for their own convenience.

Ragorn- He loses his temper too much, punishes his subordinates too much and let's just say he really wasted his three best minions- Zimba, Jarmin and Rehda out of his temper.  "Be sure to destroy the Turborangers or never return!" became his line for episodes 28-30.  Then after that, he chooses to let Zulten remain apparently as his court jester since I was expecting he'd also get rid of Zulten too.  Then again, payroll and ratings may have caused this to happen!

Tranza- During his leadership of the Vyram, all he does is mistreat his subordinates.  He does most of the things himself which does put the Jetmen into trouble.  He's a competent villain but he's not really much of a leader.  But not as bad as...

Radiguet- Always angry as he has a bad temper, very highly insane (HE IS CRAZY!), very unstable and self-serving... you can't get worse than that.  I mean, while he does assume command of the Vyram as a de-facto leader, he really is that selfish.  Also, he also lets his pride get the best of himself with his, "I'll only be the one to destroy the Jetmen."  Plus, he does overly rely too much on brute force and power or just killing, smashing, destroying, maiming, mangling and distorting those who oppose him perhaps he's known to say, "Strategy is for cowards." like Galvatron in the G1 cartoon does.  Maybe I should add his obsession with Maria makes it awful too?  He does have some good plans but overall, he's just one axe crazy egomaniac that shoots at everyone and would be the worst patient in the mental hospital.  Compared to Egobossler from Gatchaman Fighter who's got more cunning and manipulation, this guy is just axe crazy to the max!

Gorma XV- All he usually does is be at his chamber of command giving out orders and never coming up with good plans, he's pretty senile and has a playful outlook of things.  I'd really say his role as the emperor of Gorma, he's really quite incompetent.  Shadam had much of an edge over him.

Emperor Exhaus- He treats his subordinates for granted and disposed of them.  That became his downfall when Gynamo threw expired imo youkan into his mouth allowing the Carrangers to destroy him for good.

Rasetsu- Compared to his two predecessors, all he does is treat Yabaiba and Tsuetsue like dirt.  He also had Tsuetsue (who he wasted) kidnap the high priestess Tetomu just for her cooking?

Yogoshimacritein- He really treated his two subordinates Kegalashia and Kitadaines like trash which was shown during the second to the last episode.  Seriously, he doesn't care about them and thinks they are but disposable pawns.

Blood Feast Doukoku- All he does most of the time is get mad, demand for sake or hear Dayu's music while leaving Shitari to do all the planning.  Also his impulsiveness led him to appear once into the surface world and eventually nearly kill himself when he dried up.  So yeah... Akumaro took advantage of him.

The Messiah Virus- He really is having problems with his temper and how he handles Enter and Escape.


  1. Know what I can't stand (& I don't know if this has already been covered): Villains (& Villainesses) blaming others for THEIR OWN failures.

    Like Lord Zedd during season 2 of MMPR. HE'S the one that mostly comes up with the plans, & if they don't work in his favor, he blames his minions for it & takes it out on them instead of taking the blame on himself. It's like they don't like to take responsibility for their problems or their actions, & that's what I don't like, nor do I like that about anyone in real life.

  2. I can agree with you on: Gorma XV (he was a complete stupid character. Only good thing he did was showing us what the real bodies the Gorma we saw were like and bring back Akomaru from death). Yogoshimacritein (and that's why he's the 1st of the trio to die). Dokuko is all lazy? I get it but the reason for it, I can understand it. I mean, if it wasn't for Kaoru's dad who used the unfinished sealing character, he'd be out more often. That's my opinion. And finally, Messiah. Yeah, he's someone with little patient. I find more capable of villain Enter than Escape (who's a brat).
    I can't agree with you on Bias b/c I find his strategy out of this world. I mean, Goh learned the true, told it to his former classmates and they didn't believe it. Senda and Kenji were blind and got what they deserved. Toranza was better in leadership than Radiguet. He was only paying dearly what he received as a child. I mean, it was Toranza and not Radiguet who infiltrated the Jetman HQ and was wreaking havoc on it. I think Radiguet wouldn't have come up with something like that even in his dreams.

  3. i can agree with everyone on this list. i watch some sun vulcan the other day and fuhrer hell saturn was ignoring his generals and his generals were going to betray him. he would make the list i believe because he ignored amazon killer and thought the motw of that episode would be more useful to fight the sun vulcan.


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