Congratulations Gobusters Cast!!!!!

I have read from Orends Range that Gobusters have already finished filming their final episode.  Well it's still going to be episode 46 this Sunday.  So I'm just WMG-ing right now that the Messiah system will soon cause a really destructive finale, become a really dangerous threat that will require a great amount of power from the Gobusters to defeat it.  Maybe, just maybe the virus itself will be contained somewhere but I hope they do delete it once and for all.

Is it me or I feel that the Messiah virus will soon start taking over the world's systems resulting to a heavy battle.  I hope they don't just "drop the building at him".  Hmmmm...


  1. Wow, another chapter ends and another story finished. Like some series that came and went, Go-Busters was a highly anticipated series till the ratings and negative reviews surfaced. There are.things that are disappointing about the series but it is still original and fun. Whether or not Kyoryuger will be a Hit or Bust I will miss GoBuster.


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