Wishful Thinking on 2000s Sentai Rangers Execution

I just had a thought that I wanted some characters for me in Super Sentai, I wish these were done to them in addition... all these are just too minor though and are plainly opinionated.

Jasmine/Deka Yellow- As much as she's my favorite female in Dekaranger character-wise I thought that she could have been given an interesting backstory for her ESP because sometimes she feels like she's just there for eye candy.  While some rangers with chromatic superiority are given some backstory, I feels she lacks it.

Masumi/Bouken Black- Okay he was meant to be a Gai Yuki tribute in some way but ONLY if he were made more of a James Dean type of anti-hero.  Only if his rivalry with Satoru just got deeper or something, in fact while he already had an interesting backstory but the conflict seems shallow.  My idea?  Love triangle with Satoru for Sakura... hee hee.  And another, only if he also had the womanizing side instead of Souta.  

Eiji/Bouken Silver- I had my thoughts that well, first I wanted him to be Bouken Green and not Bouken Silver and two, since he's apparently a live version of Jeff Kensaki from Jetman epilogue Manga, why not make him a rocker who's after Ashu?

Renn/Go-on Blue- I just thought that while Renn is portrayed to be a geeky person and the inventor of the group like Billy was in MMPR.  Only if he had glasses to go along with him as an unbalanced nerd of sorts.  Just too minor really.

Well I would just change Ryunosuke's weapon into the Water Trident, a la King Triton!  Then Chiaki can get an axe instead.

Mako/Shinken Pink- So she's meant to be feminine and all, I just thought that for her character flaws, I wanted her to fire a witty and sarcastic retort or two, her backstory not to play with girly things was kind of conflicting with her present, more feminine self which for me is similar to Kimberly's in MMPR.  Rather, I could have her backstory as somebody who used to be ditzy and materialistic in her younger years (that was maybe as a teenager) until she realized her mission although she may not be ditzy and materialistic in her present state.  She could have worn Lin's type of sexy outfits too.  Plus I would repair her weapon from Heaven Fan to Heaven Bow.

Kaoru/Female Shinken Red- Now only IF she just dropped that stupid adoption part. =P


  1. It's a little too soon, too late. Reguarding to Abare Ranger, Mikoto Nakadai was literally Burai for 2003. It was a noble cause to have him as a villain. But most fans was expecting him to be part of the Abare team soon. They waited for him to after 32 episodes then he became good.
    What the writer should have done was to progressed it in each quarter that he would slowly adapt from villain, anti-hero to hero and his inner battle with the Dezumozorlya till he sacrifice himself and his Dino Mind before the Dezumozorlya grows stronger and his doom would not effect Japan as well.
    If it was the attention of the writers who wanted a anti-ranger villain they could have created one exclusively evil opposite Abare Killer.

  2. Jan of Gekiranger- it's a Chinese kung-fu series and unfortunately, Jan fails to follow the noble characteristics Takeru and Ryo. His character is too childish and silly to be a leader and for me it results to his other team members to out shadow him.
    I would have written his character similar to Mas Oyama the founder of Kyokushin Karate. He would live in the wilderness and already suffers from amnesia. During his years living in the wilderness along with the animals. He would train and refine his martial arts especially Tiger style. Well it is a kid show and the writers decided to make Jan "tongue and cheek" humor to appeal the young viewers.


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