Handling of Gathering Teams Made of Teenagers with Attitude in Super Sentai

In Super Sentai, there were also teenagers with attitude.  Now I'd like to do a comparison from show to show on how a team of rangers of teenagers with attitude are handled...

The first set were the Turborangers.  Liveman was university life, Turboranger was high school life.  At first, the five Turborangers seem to be just selected by Seelon for being teenagers with attitude which some fans may have found baffling.  However what happens is that later in the series, we learn why the Turborangers are selected... it was because they were bathed in fairy energies when they were but children ripening up to become the Turborangers when they became teenagers with attitude.  I do find the fairy energies backstory added later good as it was probably to add a lot of sense to how Turboranger went on rather than just becoming rangers because they're teenagers with attitude.

In Megaranger, it was intended by Professor Kubota to choose the team via the Megaranger arcade game which Kenta was the only one chosen by it.  The other four were absorbed in by accident while they were attempting to do research at the INET headquarters which one day got attacked by the Nejire and that's how the group of teenagers with attitude was formed.  It's as if it's a gathering by fate and destiny that these five teenagers with attitude became the Megarangers.  I don't know on how to comment about this but given Megaranger's lighthearted nature, this is a nice twist on how teenagers with attitude suddenly become heroes to save the day rather than just being chosen for being teenagers with attitude for because of some stupid childhood secret.

Common side: Both Turboranger and Megaranger focus on the academic lives of our heroes, fighting to save the planet while doing their homework during the evenings.  Fortunately they had ALL the time to do their homework or they won't graduate.  There's a slacker red ranger and a competent black ranger on both teams executed properly.  They also show the hobbies of the teenagers being done, their misadventures and the growing up years while being under the tutelage of a scientist and seldom being underestimated for being teenagers.  Both groups followed the policy that they were not allowed let anybody know of their ranger status.

Meanwhile I do have my issues with Power Rangers' just gathering teenagers for being teenagers with attitude.  MMPR can be enjoyable to me but it can also get pretty stale and for starters, Zordon never had a good explanation why they were chosen unlike in Turboranger that the audience finally get a good explanation why teenagers with attitude were chosen.  For Megaforce, hopefully the writers have decided to view Turboranger and Megaranger to see better ways of handling teenagers with attitude.


  1. Don't forget that there is a skirt chaser blue in both series as well. And for yellow and pink they are both mismatched in personality and sex. Toei version of teenager/ highschool themed teams are better done then Sabans. They should do another one but the early do mid twenties characters age more popular.


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