The Child Ranger Execution... Kou And Justin Compared

It's been quite some time since I did make a comparison between two of my fandom... and I just want to compare Kou as a child ranger with Justin as a child ranger.  Apparently this gimmick didn't work so well but let's just think about how it was executed...

Kou.  It didn't surprise me nor did I have any complains that Kou was just a child in Dairanger.  I've known Justin first and I didn't hate Justin like other fans did. Although it seemed to be just a gimmick of the producers or Noboru Sugimura's love for children but Kou was not just there to appeal to younger audiences.  He was there with a real purpose. He had a plot brewing like his origins, why he became Kibaranger and his development from pervert to a more mature person thanks to Rin and his talking sword Byakkoshinken. We also learn about his mother, his rivalry with his estranged brother Akomaru and the shocking revelation that he is Shadam's son but he apparently never discovered his paternity. That's a lot of development you have there!

Now it's time to see how Justin got executed. According to Mr. Smith's blog in PR Sentai Universe, Fox Kids made a demand to Saban to cast a child into the cast to appeal to the younger audiences. So here comes Justin but it did poorly and alienated the older ones. Compared to Kou, Justin was just a gimmick and he wasn't the sixth ranger either. While I have nothing against him, but I didn't like how he was executed so I dropped Turbo entirely thanks to how he was being written as well as the whole season in itself. Only if the writers examined how Kou's development was done. =(


  1. Kou is just a better and more intriging character then Justin period.


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