Some Factors I Think That Kill Quality in Super Sentai

Super Sentai does have some factors that actually deteriorate or even kill the quality.  Here are the factors...

Writer's burnouts- There are writers who start off pretty well but eventually they do burn out and need a break.  My examples would be how Yasuko Kobayashi and Toshiki Inoue may have started with pretty good scripts but eventually, they burned out.  I've enjoyed their works but I just thought Gobusters was a result of a burnout though some people still like the series.

When the humor isn't done right.  I don't count Go-onger as a horrid season but it's a so-so season because the humor gets too excessive then there's some inconsistency in its execution for me.  I do enjoy Go-onger's humor but I'll say it out loud that the execution of the plot was a HUGE MESS. =P

Or blame executive meddling!  Executive meddling

Poorly done gimmicks that turn the series into a toy commercial.  Goseiger had that HUGE problem of having too much mecha which just served for toys sales rather than plot contribution.  Go-onger I would count suffers from that one too.

A sudden shock value.  Jetman was a good season yes but killing Gai Yuki off randomly wasn't very good for me.  Took me a LOT of time to accept he's gone. =(

Can you name more?  Let me know!


  1. If Sentai is still going strong after 37 years now, then it works with that basic formula of 3-7 heroes united to fight a organization that is bent on conquering or destroying Earth. They will always be the same. For me any series will be great if they make the characters complex and have the villains grow as well with more then 3 individuals and have them have egos to compete for tension. Those two can be great and over rated writers. If they leave things out such as characters or explanation out then the show would be a miss and forgetable. Yeah we know Go-Ongers and Goseigers is on not because of drama and action but for Bandai sells. Go-busters does not have a great Bandai marketing ploy as they have few Mechas and hand weapons for accessories. But Varglass lack numbers of members as Enter and Escape are it where if Messiah can create more members as a threat for our heroes then the show can be my ultimate favorite. I do like the concept and they are doing something different by using pleather instead on spandex and they have robot asistants. More fans that are not in the age of 4-17 are getting and respecting Go-Busters. I don't know if Kyoryugers will be as good as Gokaigers or suck as bad as Goseigers. Right now I am enjoying Gobusters.


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