Toku Warriors is ON!!!!

Well it's time for the Toku Warriors with the following persons on Blogger...

Fantasy Leader flying through the Galaxy with Legendary Blades

Michael Mucha aka "Kamen Rider Kuuga"

AkoMeiChan (this is her blogger icon)

My Photo
Sebastien Pitches aka Sebby Kun

Taylor Speight

Thomas Ledbetter

Toku World

Well they're now starting their the Toku Warriors which I had just recently linked.  They have their series of podcasts, perhaps articles and I'll say this might become a really great project to start with... with their discussions on Tokusatsu with their podcasts on Youtube format.  I suggest everyone who supports this blog to support as these guys talk beyond what this blog has to offer. =)


  1. Thank you very much this was very kind you and much appreciated. Thank You again ^_^


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