Hypothetical Thinking: How I Think Toshiki Inoue Would Have Handled Boukenger if He Were The Head Writer

Well Boukenger was a show that like Jetman, is definitely in my love so much Sentai list and in my Nostalgia Analysis on Boukenger, do notice there's LOTS of Jetman comparison in it.  These are all just assumptions, not really what Inoue would have done but just my fancy thinking.  So far, I am a fan of his work Jetman and Kamen Rider Kiva.  The rest may most likely stay the same.  I might make an analysis on how Arakawa would write this series as well as I see it.

These three characters namely Satoru, Masumi and Sakura.  Well Satoru and Masumi are kind of like Ryu and Gai Yuki so Toshiki Inoue might really explore the potential of rivarly between them.  Plus, he might throw Sakura into that rivalry creating a Satoru/Masumi/Sakura love triangle of sorts but he might give it a lighter and softer twist like he did with Kiva- that is none of the overly done dramas but maybe comedic strife between the two for Sakura could work.  Or maybe, he might make Satoru and Sakura marry at the end of the series and they'll end up being a married couple in Gekiranger vs. Boukenger.  Hee hee. Maybe Masumi might be the womanizer of the group and not Souta as well.  Heck, he might even kill Masumi.  Nooooo!!!!!  Then again, he might not do so considering Agito's finale may not be that great, nobody got pointlessly killed off.  Hmmm but if Naruhisa Arakawa or Yasuko Kobayashi were involved, they might help Inoue to make it better.

Eiji vs. Questers- Inoue might possibly make the Ashu introduction more similar to Jetman.  Hmmm let's just say he might toss in a Masumi/Sakura possible shipping in here with Masumi trying to give his blood to release Gai and Rei who are probably going to suck out Sakura's blood.  Maybe the writer might let Gai and Rei kill Hyoga for being useless rather than let the Boukengers do it.  Then Eiji comes in, pretty vengeful and might actually help Masumi and Sakura out of their predicament to where the Ashu mirror is.  Eek... I can't imagine of the Ashu mirror sucked blood instead of just activated by just one drop of Natsuki's blood.

Satoru vs. Ryuon- Well he might add some more feelings of the intensity of this existing rivalry.  Even so, he might make Ryuon really more cruel and sadistic than he already was and he might have no comedy moments, he might even become a closer copy to Radiguet than a softer one (both were axe crazy though with really VERY poor leadership skills due to their extreme tempers as well as pretty much hypocrites!).  Maybe he might even have Ryuon hurt or even people that Satoru care about in certain episodes just to get even.  After all Satoru and Ryuon do have the Ryu vs. Radiguet kind of rivalry where the latter considers all human bastards while the former believes that humanity has potential.  Ryuon might even get the role of final villain if you ask me.

Masumi vs. Yaiba might be made the darker and edgier portion of the show.  Well Yaiba is really far more despicable than Gure was, and his ties to Masumi were really that edgy.  So maybe Inoue might even make Yaiba put Masumi into several decisions or maybe Yaiba might even hurt Sakura that much to hurt Masumi if he does the love triangle to start with.  Imagined scene?  Sakura is captured, Yaiba then encourages Masumi to kill Satoru type of scenario.  Masumi then thinks of how much he likes Sakura and hates Satoru for that.  Wow, that's a huge border to EVIL.

Shizuka- Not pretty sure.  He might try to make her like Fumin in Maskman even if he didn't really handle much of Maskman rather than a comedic villain.  Or maybe a brainwashed villain or maybe just Satoru's former girlfriend who was really a part of Dark Shadow.  He might take the Maria story, twist it and make Shizuka part of it.  Oh, I just thought maybe when Shizuka if she's ever somebody under Dark Shadow's influence or something, Ryuon might do the unthinkable to KILL Shizuka just for the heck of hurting Satoru.

In the case of Gaja, he might probably make Gaja be as sadistic as Tranza.  Hmmm maybe he might try to make an effort to let Yutaka Hirose play as Gaja which would have been awesome.  Maybe he might even get Daisuke Tachi to play Ryuon's voice and later, human form.


  1. For me I really love Boukenger. I wouldn't say it's that overrated because there are Sentai series that get more discussions. I like where Boukenger explores with an adventure theme and it's a good example how to handle many mechs. I really love the characters in this series as I think each one of them are on my list somewhere. Boukenger is one of my favorites and I think I should review it sometime.


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