Sentai Injustice: Writing Off Junior/Gasha Dokuro Too Soon!

I was inspired by Toku Warriors' post about Bilgenia to write this post. Here's my two cents.  So I'm still watching Kakuranger (and I have a LOT of distractions as of late) and there was one villain I thought was really written off too soon namely Gasha Dokuro.  He was played by villain actor Kenichi Endo who has been involved in a lot of action movies, usually playing villainous characters.  On the other hand, the first time I saw Endo was in one episode of Janperson where he acted as an agent of the Super Science Network.

So what's the whole deal?  Junior appeared as the leather-wearing punk in Kakuranger who is cruel, vicious and vindictive to the core.  He showed up making the Kakurangers really suffer more than they should.  He would not hesitate to use children as shields and he brought the Hanarangers to fight the Kakurangers.  Every moment he was in, he literally caused a nightmare to the Kakurangers.  Just a warning there are spoilers here, so read at your own risk.

Later on, he was tasked by his father to prepare the ritual to bring their forces to the surface.  He would later perform that cool rock number (Kenichi Endo was only lip syncing to it though) but I have to admit, he came out pretty awesome.  He would do anything to make the Kakurangers suffer regardless.  Heck, he even killed Sandayu out of cold blood.  One way or another, he was one villain who started to mess up the Kakurangers really good.

However the problem was he had to be in episode 31 when he was written off.  He was destroyed by the Super Kakure Daishogun.  The scene of his death was also used during Rito Revolto's first battle with the Ninja Megazord in MMPR Season 3, including the explosion.  Unfortunately for Gasha Dokuro, he was destroyed for good.  While his father Daimaou considered him a fool, he was vowed to be avenged nonetheless.  What reasons Kenichi Endo had for leaving were unknown either it was contractual or he left because he had other projects to do.

My problem was that Daimaou arrived but he wasn't really doing much as a villain, except just sitting there instead of being as aggressive as his son.  I mean, it would have been better if Junior were assisting in his father's shenanigans to take over the world, rather than having been killed off by the Super Kakure Daishogun.  Oh well... =P


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