The Steel Star Beasts of Gingaman

While watching Gingaman (hopefully it gets FULLY SUBBED soon, I have seen raws beyond episode 35), I just thinking about these mecha.  They were first known to me as the Galactabeasts in Lost Galaxy.  Both versions made them self-operating which makes me boggle why the gattai sequence?!  But again, Saban and Toei are probably more for the profits.  And I also hate to think how these guys were converted into cyborgs by Biznella... OUCH!

The GigaRhinos which was erroneously named as Centaurus Megazord when it doesn't look like a Centaur.  I just thought I love its main design and its blaster.

The GigaPhoenix's design for me is pretty badass as well.  Love its boomerang.  At least Lost Galaxy gave it a suitable name as Stratoforce Megazord.

And I can't believe that Bitus used to be a whale starbeast... how cruel Biznella was to totally re-alter these Starbeasts. =(

Also, I can praise Lost Galaxy's how they managed to use the PR counterparts to get destroyed against Trakeena's final attack.


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