Yuuta Mochizuki to Meet Austin St. John Soon?

Former actor Yuuta Mochizuki will appear at the Power Morphcin 2014 where it is stated that he is to meet Austin St. John soon.  He was known to have appeared in Jetman as J1 before he appeared as Geki in Zyuranger.  He was also Koji Sekawa in the movie Kamen Rider J and Tuxedo Mask in a stage version of Sailormoon.  He reprised his role as Geki for Kyoryuger vs. Gobusters. (Source)

How will Austin St. John feel to meet Yuuta Mochizuki in person?  I just thought that both of them have gained weight, aren't active in Toku and are probably still Toku fans.  Now too bad Soga Machiko, Jun Tatara and Thuy Trang have already died.  Lucky guy, he will also get to meet stuntmen Hiroshi Maeda (Tyrano Ranger suit actor) and Yasuhiro Takeuchi (Dragon Ranger suit actor).

After all, we had James Maclurcan meet the Go-onger cast before.  But does this guy know Japanese? I mean Japan is pretty low with its English literacy.  And I wonder how will Yuuta Mochizuki talk with Austin St. John?  Interpreter or did he study English?  I just can't wait!


  1. Hotlinking from Rangercrew isn't allowed. You'll have to reupload the image.

  2. Austin St. John appeared in person in a comic shop that I come regularly. What I gather is he is a very pleasant and nice guy and he isn't that tall!!! I am 5'10'' and he is a mere 5'8".
    I missed seeing the actor and I am not missing much because I never liked Power Rangers nor Jason especially!!!
    But if I did meet him the question to ask is why did you sound like a caveman oaf when dubbing the Japanese scene.

    If Yuta Mochizuki or Keichi Wada appeared , would appear there in a flash!!!

  3. Japan has low English literacy? You do know how wrong you are right? Its required in my most Japanese schools now that you take "Intro to english" "English 1" and "English 2" right? Believe it or not more than a 4th of the Japanese public understand english now. Assuming is a very ridiculous thing also Yuuta Mochizuki Knows English.


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