The Rules of Time Travel in Super Sentai?

Sentai is a series that has time travel in some seasons... I mean it did happen in Flashman, Maskman, Liveman, Jetman, Gekiranger and Goseiger.  Here's what are the probable rules of writing time travel in Super Sentai not just limited to Timeranger:

In Maskman episode 38, one can see the example of meeting your past self.  The Maskmen return 13 years in time which for me was a funny episode since it did remind me of what I was as a kid.  Enough of that, apparently time travel causes you to meet with your past self.  Also one rule of time travel revealed here was that killing a person in the past can change the future.

In Jetman episode 26 "I'm a Primitive" when Raita taught some new ways of doing stuff in the stone age, he was later documented in history.  Anything you do in the past does affect the future.

Timeranger had some rules of time travel in the first episode to why they even had to not to do this and to do that.  It makes perfect sense to why the alien (NOT MUTANT) criminals were simply arrested and frozen back rather than them being killed.  Dolnero's death in the year 2001 (finale arc) changed the events in the year 3001 to which Yuri's family was still alive.  And I just thought also of how Ryuya's selfish ambition to cheat death backfired when it changed the way he died.

Any more?  Just add!


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