Civilian Superpowers of Super Sentai Warriors

Super Sentai had cases of Super Sentai warriors who had civilian superpowers.  Here are they:

Shiro Gou in Bioman could communicate with animals due to the Bio Particles in his body.  In episode 10 when Mika died, he temporarily lost the abilities.  He was shown using the ability in episode 3, episode 4 and episode 30.

The Flashmen gained extra human abilities while on the Flash Star.  The result was that Jin learned super science, Dai gained great strength, Bun has faster speed and agility, Sara's mind is too sharp for a normal human and Lou has incredible jumping abilities.

For some reason, Lin is the only one capable of controlling Qi even when not transformed, which I doubt was necessary since she's pretty kickass.

In Gingaman, each member had control of their elements even outside the Ginga suit based on their tribes.  Ryouma had fire, Hayate had wind, Gouki had water, Hikaru had lightning and Saya over flowers but was rarely used.  Hikaru tried to abuse his power once for his personal profit.

Kakeru Shishi like Shiro Go in Bioman, can talk to animals in Gaorangers.  No explanation was given to how he had that ability.  Presumably he got the power from his ancestor.

Shirogane can feel the presence of evil through the wind.  Understandably, he was a warrior from the last millenium Gaoranger.

Yukito Sanjou has extraordinary chiropractor skills.  In Dino Thunder, all the rangers gained civilian superpowers.

Marika Reimon had ESP ability to sense things and events through her hands, which sadly she cannot control.  I thought that the ESP part could have been explored further but oh well... what a waste!

The Magirangers were capable magicians, even out of suit.

Natsuki Mamiya can see through certain events in the future.

Eiji Takaoka being half-Ashu can sense the Ashu anywhere and can feel the enemy presence.  Plus he moves around pretty fast even in civilian form compared to the other Boukengers.

Hiruto and Mio Suto are siblings with ESP powers.

Alata has the ability to see through the essence of things.

The Gobusters' have civilian superpowers (super speed for Hiromu, super jump for Yuko and super strength for Ryuji) but are set to limits.  Hiromu is scared because of chickens a phobia he developed being caught in a chicken coop.  Yuko needs to eat sweets to fuel herself while she can move fast.  Ryuji has a time limit for his strength which he will overheat.  This was because they were supposedly vaccinated to be resistant to the Messiah Virus.

In Dino Thunder, SPD and Operation Overdrive all of the members had civilian superpowers due to enhanced DNA, something that I believe Power Rangers had copied and modified from Super Sentai.


  1. As for Ryuji/Blue Buster, it's actually that he will overheat and go berserk if he moves around too much.


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