Karma Kills Villain Moments in Super Sentai

A karmic death is when a villain in Super Sentai does not die at the hands of the Sentai rangers, but rather they die because of their actions, sometimes even killed by a fellow villain.  Here they are...

General Zenobia framed Megiddo and later General Kar.  She attempted to gain the Jashinka Throne.  She used the retro-gene to get ten tails hoping to be invincible.  What she didn't know is that Megiddo poisoned the mixture which led to her demise.

Mason's death at the hands of Silver.  He used the Bio Killer Gun in episode 10 which he killed Mika. The Bio Hunter Silver who has the same form of power that killed Mika, killed him.

Doctor Man's actions ultimately led to this demise.  I thought that seeing him in his dying state showed how much of karmic backlash it was for him.  He really got what he deserved for all the terrible things he did in the series.

Queen Ahames- The fact she manipulated both heroes AND villains for her own purposes, the fact she is a manipulative person... well it's satisfying to see her go crazy at the end when Bazoo won't restore her to her.  After all, she didn't care of Shiima lived or died right?  She got what she deserved!

Kiros- He was spending the whole season trolling the Maskmen while wanting what he always wanted, Princess Ial.  There's no pity for a guy who'd do anything, even be as dirty as possible just to get the woman he so lusted after.  I thought his death was pretty well-deserved when his own actions led to his demise rather than Takeru killing him.

Mazenda's arrogance was also her downfall.  Although she died a redeemed death but her selfish motives backfired badly at her.

Dongoros- His greed got the best of him.  So he joined Zone for a profit,  He was last seen trying to escape with all the Dolyen bills but as Vulgyre exploded, he died with it.  He could have just escaped without his money but no, he was so greedy his greed killed him.

Don Dolnero- Although he had a few noble traits like caring for his subordinates and his concern for fellow criminal Gien, but I thought he deserves to be in the list.  His greedy actions soon backfired in this way.  Gien who he cared about went insane, betrayed him and killed him.

Missed any?  Let me know!


  1. Demon Boxer Jin got his final fate in the end! He killed people(masters) that did not deserve it plus his ex. It is a possibility he wanted to die by choice.


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