Some Problems with Fiveman

Fiveman was basically the Hirohisa Soda portfolio.  It was entertaining BUT had these problems which I noticed years later after I grew up.  These were:

The starting villains.  Most of them were pretty standard and half-brained except for Billion who really came up with a good plan most of the time.  I thought that Dordora while she does get enjoyable to watch with her use of deception but most of the time, she uses standard stupid plans.  Garoa starts off badass but ends up becoming a moronic commander.  I just thought that Garoa's death could have been handled better if he were killed by the Fivemen in the finale prior to Vulgyre's death.  For Dongoros' death, I thought it was pretty cool to see his greed kill him off... sorry Abrella you ain't getting paid!  For Dordora I would say I love how she went insane after realizing Vulgyre's true nature.

The Fiveman puppets.  Man those are TERRIBLE.  I'm watching Super Sentai NOT Sesame Street!  They were added later and I really was glad they didn't last long!  Fortunately, none of the succeeding Super Sentai ever tried this again though they may work in Magiranger.

It was Chevalier who served as Garoa's temporary replacement.  I am mixed about him.  He had one STUPID debut.  He didn't do much.  I mean Kiros blew off the Shot Bomber, Ahames created more plots but WTF all it is... is a standard singing attack?!  So okay he did come up with better plans but he's still half-brained.  For example, he did kill Gaku (but was resurrected thanks to a time reversal) but he should have not even trusted Kasumi (who fooled him).  Then we have all his other standard plans like canned humans (which was more stupid than nightmare fuel), that whole school operation, maybe I can name the body swapping episode is SO GENERIC.  And he's supposed to bring in more conflict!  So he did steal the Fivemen's powers or how he led Gaku out with the intent to finish their rivalry.  However I just thought he's still pretty more goofy than he is threatening.  I mean, why doesn't he even use innocent civilians to achieve his goals?  In the finale arc, I thought fighting Five Red to a Chain Deathmatch was a pretty neat idea so the Fivemen will have one less member to beat off his Black Gorlin.  But then, it's hard to believe how a goofy villain like him was the "most powerful death" considering he's definitely presented more half-brained plans than good ones.

The Meadow/Vulgyre plot.  All throughout, Meadow was the big bad but wait... suddenly come episode 45 then Gaku discovers Vulgyre is ALIVE?  Episode 42 had a hint that Vulgyre had mysterious energy but that DOES NOT always mean its alive.  Also why did the rest of the villains still prefer to serve Vulgyre after that "all too sudden" revelation?  I would agree with Fantasy Leader that was pretty stupid.

Fiveman, well the show will still be memorable for me as it was Hirohisa Soda's portfolio and the start of a new decade.  Hopefully all these mistakes will be taken note of and polished up for future seasons.


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