Chevalier's Trophies and Tranza's Trophies

Another thing I've noticed between Fiveman and Jetman is this one... Chevalier and Tranza both sought to make trophies out of rangers and the red ranger was the only one left.  Now let's move..

Chevalier in episode 45 of Fiveman tried to turn the Fivemen into monuments of his victory using his monster, Rock Fossil Gin.  In that episode, he succeeded in turning every Fiveman into a monument.  Later he had Gaku brought to the Vulgyre to become a rock statue.  He could have won if it wasn't for Gunther's interference.  Gaku was fused with stone but was later released upon entering Vulgyre's inner area, showing that Vulgyure was a giant living organism.  When Gaku defeated the Rock Fossil Gin, the others were freed.

Tranza also copied Chevalier's scheme in a way except he had no monster to help him.  He used the "Bio Gun" to which he sought to get rid of the Jetmen without the help of the others.  His pride got the best of him when Radiguet (in a rare moment of sanity) plotted his downfall to get rid of this man-child Tranza.  Unlike Chevalier, Tranza really hunted them down one by one, added lots of suspense but was defeated by Radiguet's treachery rather than a close encounter.  After Radiguet fooled Red Hawk, Tranza lost his what would have been victory.  Tranza's arrogance led him to be hit by the Fire Bazooka which he survived.  Radiguet tortured him before leaving him to suffer for the rest of his life.


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